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Baby Babies How to wash the comforters and coats of your children
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  • 17/12/2022

Baby Babies How to wash the comforters and coats of your children

Carrying the children and children's coats to laundry is always a great solution.But it is not always cheap, especially if we are facing the aforementioned garments.So here there are some practical tips on how to wash the comforters and coats of your children.

How to wash the children and coats of your children

Let's go in parts and see how to wash the children of the children and then their coat in the washing machine, by hand and, why not, dry.

Wash the edredon in the washing machine

The comfort can be washed in the washing machine no matter how much you doubt and even if it is a goose down.If you choose to wash it at home, the first thing you should do is check the label and make sure there is no launder symbol crossed out.In case of rebel spots, it will be necessary to pretrate rubbing gently, when the fabric is dry, the stained area can be washed with Marseille soap.

Whether a synthetic edredon or an overdraft of Oca, remember to schedule the Delicate Washing program with cold water and a maximum temperature of 30 ° C: place the childhood in the washing machine turning around and add a small amount of detergent for delicate clothingsince it will be more delicate in children's skin because these types of products are usually dermatologically tested.

Bebés Bebés How to wash the children and coats of your children

The only inconvenience, especially if it is an Oca down, is that at the end of the washing the padding may not be well distributed inside the garment.But there is also a solution for that.Always choose a soft wash program without centrifugar.In addition, here you have a advice that will be fine: put 3 tennis balls in the washing machine: they will help the feathers be distributed more uniformly, avoiding being piled up and formed lumps.

How to wash the wool coat: in the washing machine or by hand?

To wash your children's coat at home, you can choose between machine washing and hand washing.

If you choose to wash it in washing machine, after having removed it with a chitamanchas suitable for wool, place it on the drum and select a specific program, without centrifuged and 30 degrees.The alternative is to wash the wool by hand.Fill the bathtub or a large palangana with cold water, add half a gentle glass of soft liquid detergent, leave the coat soak for 10 minutes and fry it very gently.


Another type of adequate washing for delicate garments such as wool coats and oca pens is dry washing because it does not require the use of water.To dry at home you can buy one of the many kits on the market.Or you can use a home remedy and gently treat the garment with a mixture of sodium bicarbonate, water with gas and white vinegar.But before doing so, even in this case, verify on the label that the down or shelter is suitable for this type of washing.

How to dry the comforter or coat at home?

After washing the baby's coat, all you have to do is dry it.If you prefer natural drying, remember to extend the conredo horizontally while for the coat it is always better to hang it on a hanger, inside the bathtub or shower, so that it drains all the water.If the label indicates, you can also dry the comforter in the dryer, adjusting very low temperatures and inserting the tennis balls mentioned above so that the comforter leaves the basket not only dry, but also pleasant and swollen and in perfect condition.



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