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Hygiene products to disinfect and clean the entire house well
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  • 18/01/2023

Hygiene products to disinfect and clean the entire house well

Hygiene and cleaning products are basic for our health.With them we can eliminate dirt and disinfect the kitchen, the bathroom and the whole of our home so that it is free of pathogens, harmful microorganisms and even viruses.In addition, it also serves to give good smell to the home and to look bright.They also help us take care of the skin, hair, mouth and intimate area of our body.In short, indispensable articles at home.

Multipurpose ELLIUSEO that heads this comparison is a good example.We have chosen it as the best hygiene product in it thanks to its sprayer, its ease of use and that is sold in an economical pack of 3 units of 500 ml.In addition, its users give it magnificent valuations.Of course, stevinagre of ecological cleaning is also worthy of a special mention.It is totally biodegradable and also serves as degreaser and discalcifying.Two basic cleaning disinfectants at home, but there are many others.Let's see them.

The best, our choice: Multipurpose cleaner soon

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The best hygiene and cleaning product soon according to the opinions of Amazon users.It has a medium note 4.4 and 58 % of 5 -star valuations.For example, Silvia says of him that “cleanly and easily clean any surface.I use it for everything ”, to which Blanca adds“ thanks to his sprayer is comfortably applied horizontally and vertically.Very practical".It is sold in a pack of 3 units of 500 ml each.It has no bleach and leaves a pleasant aroma to mandarin.

Second option: 10% concentrated cleaning vinegar

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Now we are going with the best hygiene and cleaning product of the Cleanzabarata brand for Amazon customers.Luce a 4.6 out of 5 and 72 % of maximum qualifications.This is "an offer of 3 carafes of 5 liters of professional cleaning vinegar at 10 % acidity that leaves a pleasant lemon aroma", as Marcos says.It is obtained by fermentation of beet sugar, so it is “totally ecological and biodegradable.To me, that I am Vegan, it reassures me to know that I use a substance to clean my house that does not harm the environment ”(Isabel).Includes an electronic book entitled "Cleaning vinegar use guide" and is a powerful echolimpiator, degreaser and discalcifying.

Alternative: Landy for soils and monestir walls

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According to Amazon customers' assessments, this is the best hygiene and cleaning product of the MONSTIR brand.As Albert says, it is "a bleach for soils and walls very useful when eliminating green or blackened moaho spots".In addition, it has a sprayer and is sold in a very durable 750 ml boat.Paola also tells us that "it is ideal for cleaning the tile joints and disinfecting in general".It must be applied at 5-10 cm away, leave 15-20 minutes and then clarify with plenty of water to eliminate waste.It has 4.6 out of 5 average note and 82 % of maximum scores.

Sponge sponge stamps

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This pack of 5 polyurethane sponge stams is, for Amazon customers, the best cleaning product of the Spontex brand.Its 4.1 out of 5 and its 58 % of maximum qualifications attest to it.“They have a soft sponge side and another of scourer.They are ideal for cleaning the dishes, the countertop and the bathroom ”indicates Álex.On the other hand, Angela focuses that "they have different colors to better recognize what it is for each thing" and that "they have an excellent absorption power".

Oofay brush cleaning gloves

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We are going with those who, according to the comments of Amazon users, are the best hygiene and cleaning products of the Oofay brand.It is a set of silicone gloves with built -in.They are very comfortable and elastic and adapt to perfection at the hands of any size.In addition, they are very resistant to corrosion and high temperatures.Therefore, they can be used both to disinfect with bleach or ammonia and to remove dishes from the oven at high temperature.They are also easy to clean and have a special treatment that prevents the proliferation of bacteria in them.

Multisuperficie cleaner in CIF

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4.5 out of 5 and 71 % 5 -star reviews.That is the average note of the best cleaning product of the CIF brand for Amazon consumers.According to Maria, "it is especially useful to eliminate the remains of taps lime and kitchen fat".In fact, it can even be used on delicate ceramics and enameled surfaces using a cloth or sponge.Instead, José Javier focuses on his durability indicating “the last boat I bought has lasted more than 3 months.For this price, it is a very profitable investment ".It is sold in 750 ml containers with incorporated dispenser.

Clean spots and crystals HG

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We continue with the best cleaning product of the HG brand.Amazon customers give him 4.4 out of 5 and 69 % of maximum notes.Specifically, it is a “liquid cleaning ideal to easily eliminate the dirt from windows and mirrors”, as Josep indicates.It does not leave marks and dries at very fast room temperature.In addition, as Ana comments, “it is especially effective when eliminating fingerprints.I also use it to clean my glasses ".

Edberk74 microfiber cleaning cloths

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Finally, we want to talk about the best cleaning and hygiene product of the Edberk74 brand.It is a game of 5 cooking cloths made of microfiber especially useful for cleaning countertops, glass and even car splashes thanks to its large absorbent capacity.It does not leave fluff and is also ideal for artificial stone.

How to choose cleaning and hygiene products?

Productos de higiene para desinfectar y limpiar bien toda la casa

To find the best hygiene and cleaning products in quality-price, you should consider all these aspects:

USE: We can distinguish 4 types:

Without ammonia: this chemical element is very toxic and can generate vapors that irritate the eyes, skin and airways.The best cleaning and hygiene products do not contain it.

Dry or water cleaning products: depends on the case.There are water -free hygiene items that can be used to wash any textile surface or water without water.Others, like bleach, need to be diluted.

Age: This is exclusive to personal cleaning products.We must distinguish between male, female and babies hygiene items.Each person's skin is different and different substances should be applied to it.

Adequate utensils: sponges, microfiber cloths, scrap, scrubbing, etc..Without them, you will not be able to apply these products well.​

Price of hygiene products: it depends on many factors.Of course, in this comparison of clean items we have not seen any that exceeds € 10.

Better brand and hygiene products brands: soon, Monestir and Espontex have been three very well valued manufacturers in this review due to the good value for money of their items.

What are hygiene products and what are they for?

A hygiene product is a substance or prepared to clean, eliminate bad smell, disinfect and aromatize a surface.We can distinguish between:

- Personal hygiene products: are those that, without being considered medication, biocidal, cosmetic or sanitary article, is designed to apply on the skin, within body holes or teeth in order to eliminate or neutralize microorganismsand infectious agents that can affect them negatively.Here we could talk about female or male hygiene products, shampoos, body gels, etc..

Personal and domestic hygiene is essential to remove any trace of bacteria or viruses harmful to health

- Industrial, domestic or professional hygiene products: in this case, material surfaces are used, such as soils, walls or furniture.They are elaborated from ingredients not suitable for human consumption.We talk about bleach, ammonia or clothing detergent.

How are cleaning products made?

The best hygiene and cleaning products are made by mixing disinfectant, aromatizing and deodorant substances.To do this, a water base is used.It is also necessary.

Types of hygiene, cleaning and disinfection products

We can distinguish two large groups:

- Shampoos, body gels, masks and other hair hygiene products for newborns, children...

- Intimate hygiene products for women and men such as compresses, buffers, moisturizing creams, etc..

- Oral hygiene products such as toothpaste, rinse or colutory, dental silk...

- Colonies and deodorants.

- Toilet paper, wet wipes and scarves.

- Etc.

- Cleaning tools.Brooms, scrubber, rags, mops...

- Disinfectants.Bleach or chlorine to disinfect any surface.It is also usual to use ammonia.

- Delayers for the oven, kitchen utensils or car.

- Celery for windows and other glass furniture.

- Dressing removal.

- Detergents for dishes or clothes in the washing machine.

- Furniture cleaners.

- Rubber gloves to prevent the pH of cleaning products from damaging the skin of the hands.

- Etc.

What hygiene products are necessary in the kitchen?

The recommended hygiene and cleaning items for the kitchen are:

- Dishwasher detergent.It can be to wash the dishes by hand or in this appliance.

- Delayers to clean the inside of the oven and the surface of the stove, hob or induction plate if the dirt has embedded.

- Multipurpose cleaner for conglomerate countertop, granite or quartz (syllastone or other brands).

- Blood, collecting, scrub and bucket to clean the ground.

- Disinfectant friegasuelos.

- rags, cloths and cloths.

What are ecological hygiene and cleaning products?

Ecological cleaning and hygiene products are developed entirely from natural and non -toxic ingredients either for human being or for the environment.To have that consideration they must meet these requirements:

- At least 95 % of its composition must have natural and non -chemical origin.

- They must be biodegradable, that is, not generate permanent long -term waste.

- They cannot contain dangerous substances for health.Therefore, they are the ideal alternative for those who have allergy to cleaning products.

- These are hygiene and cleaning products that, when discarded or used, do not cause any damage to the environment.

- Have detailed and precise instructions on its responsible and safe use.

In addition, many manufacturers are self -imposing additional requirements such as not incorporating any ingredient of animal origin into the formula.In that case, we will talk about vegan hygiene and cleaning products.It is also common for reusable containers to use.

The kitchen utensils allow a total cleaning of all cutlery, makeup and dishes

The most curious thing is that, still regardless.Or even more.You can check if a hygiene item is ecological looking for the Ecolabel label (the EU officer) or Ecocert (of French origin, but with the same validity).

How to make ecological cleaning products?

Although ecological cleaning products are not expensive, there are many people who prefer to manufacture them themselves.In most cases, it is only needed:

- Sodium bicarbonate.

- Sodium percarbonate.

- Carbonated water.

- Citric acid.

- Marseille soap.

- Aromatizing essential oils

Consejos de limpieza para mantener el coronavirus alejado de casa EC

These are some examples of domestic cleaning products that you can do with them:

  1. Limpiador multiusos: 500 ml de vinagre blanco, 3 escamas de jabón de Marsella previamente diluidas en 50 ml de agua, 10 ml de aceite esencial (al gusto). Basta con mezclarlo todo, introducir en un rociador de 1 litro y rellenar lo que falte con agua.
  2. Desinfectante múltiple: 300 ml de agua, 300 ml de vinagre blanco y 300 ml de agua carbonatada.
  3. Limpiador para suelos laminados, parquet y baldosa: 125 ml de vinagre blanco por 1 litro de agua. Nunca debe aplicarse sobre mármol.
  4. Lavavajillas en polvo: 150 g de bicarbonato de sodio, 200 g de bicarbonato de sodio y 200 ml de ácido cítrico. Si quieres que quede en forma de pastilla para el dispensador, usa una cubitera de hielo para darle forma.
  5. Friegaplatos: 125 ml de vinagre blanco, 125 ml de agua, 1 cucharada de ácido cítrico y 125 g de jabón de Marsella. Añadir 3 gotas de aceite esencial al gusto.
  6. Desodorante para alfombras, cortinas y otros textiles: basta con espolvorear por encima bicarbonato de sodio, dejarlo actuar una hora y sacudirlo para retirarlo.
  7. Detergente para lavadora: 100 gramos de jabón de Marsella por cada litro de agua. Se introduce en una olla, se pone a fuego medio y, justo antes de que empiece a hervir, se retira del fuego y se deja reposar 24 horas.
  8. Blanqueador de ropa y paños de cocina: 50 g de percarbonato de sodio por litro de agua. Dejar reposar durante 1 hora al menos.
  9. Desengrasante para horno y vitrocerámica: mezclar ¾ de bicarbonato de sodio con ¼ de agua. Añadir unas gotas de ácido cítrico y remover hasta crear una pasta. Aplicar directamente sobre la mancha, calentar y dejar actuar 30 minutos antes de retirar con una esponja.
  10. Limpiacristales: ¼ de vinagre blanco, ¼ de agua tibia y el resto de agua carbonatada.

Where to buy cleaning products?

Obviously, you can buy hygiene and cleaning products in any supermarket close to your home.Carrefour, Mercadona or Lidl have specific sections for this.You also have the possibility of encouraging local trade acquiring them in a neighborhood store that is close to your home.

However, you can also buy online cleaning products.This will allow you to access special and more attractive offers and not have to load with them from the store to your home.You can even make all your purchase online and wait quietly to receive it while you spend your time to other tasks.

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Amazon is a great option to find wholesalers of hygiene products that offer good offers in cleaning items.If you are a subscriber of Amazon Prime, you will receive them in 24 hours.If not, in 3-4 days.In addition, it has a really broad and varied catalog in which it is possible to find renowned brands.And their prices are always lower than those available in physical stores.

How to correctly use hygiene and cleaning products?

When using cleaning products with ammonia, chlorine (bleach) or any other toxic or irritating substance, you must follow these recommendations:

- Get gloves to prevent the product from contacting the skin of your hands.

- You never touch your eyes, mouth, nose or face in general if you have stained your hands and regardless if you wear gloves or not.

- Keep the stay well ventilated at all times.

- Do not let them act for more than 15 or 20 minutes and always check them out with plenty of water.

- In case it is a professional cleaning product that can emit vapors, always put on a mask or, at least, knot a cloth or a shirt on the mouth and nose.

- Prevents children from entering the room where you have used those products.

- Always follow the manufacturer's instructions, especially in relation to diluting the cleaning product in water.Using excessive amount can cause poisoning.

What cleaning products cannot be mixed?

This is one of the most common doubts that we have met when analyzing opinions in hygiene and cleaning products.It is curious that, being articles for daily use, there are no certain clear aspects in this regard.This is what we cannot mix:

- Landy: Cleaning alcohol or hydroalcoholic gel, white vinegar, ammonia or any other cleaning product cannot be combined.The sodium hypochlorite of its composition reacts with all those ingredients by releasing very toxic vapors that can cause serious damage to the airways.

- White cleaning vinegar with sodium bicarbonate: vinegar is acid and bicarbonate is alkaline.Therefore, its effects are neutralized.

- Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide: It can cause serious irritations in the eyes, nose and throat.

What to do in case of cleaning products poisoning?

First of all, keep calm.Cleaning products poisoning usually occurs in young children and minimal amounts since they have a very bad taste.This is what you should do if the situation occurs:

- Check the product label.In it some basic indications will appear to follow.

- Do not give the child water or milk.Nor do you provide vomiting since you can further damage your esophagus, trachea and mouth.

- Take off your clothes if you are stained with the cleaning product.

- Wash your face with plenty of water to prevent product remains can enter your eyes or your mouth or nose.

- Call the phone that appears in the container or, failing that, at 112 (emergency telephone).Your professionals will tell you how you should act.

- If necessary, it takes the child to an outpatient or hospitable emergency service.

Symptoms of cleaning products poisoning

They will vary depending on the product caused by poisoning.The most common are:

- Irritation and redness of the eyes accompanied by abundant tear.

- Chop in the nose and throat.In severe cases, respiratory distress.

- Intense stomach pain, nausea and vomiting.

- Burning in the esophagus.

- Excess salivation.

- Difficulty swallowing or direct rejection of eating.

How to save and organize cleaning products?

Cleaning products must be stored in a cool, dry and protected place of direct sunlight.In addition, the furniture material must be resistant to abrasion since there is always the risk of something spilling.Plastic and wood with special treatments are recommended.

In addition, having an organizer of hygiene products can be very useful.Thus you can comfortably separate the cleaning items for bathrooms from the kitchen, for furniture and for the floor.You must also reserve a separate space for wet rags and sponges.Never mix them since you surely don't feel like confusion, you end up scrubbing the dishes with the toilet scourer.

They must also be placed in the stay in which they will be used.For example, it has no logic to save your oral hygiene products in the kitchen, just as it does not have it to store the kitchen cleaning items in the bathroom.Your goal should be to have them by hand when you need them.

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Use this information according to your interest and you can buy the best hygiene and cleaning products for cars, home or office easily.You will enjoy healthy and dirt -free spaces with very little effort.



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