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Resource guide for the triestatal area after the IDA catastrophic step

The first storm became catastrophic as it advanced through the triestatal area, turning the main roads into streams, flooding the subway and the streets, and causing emergency states in New York and New Jersey.

At least 36 people died, including a child from New York City, and tens of thousands were overwhelmed by floods that devastated the area of the three states with historical rains, at least one tornado and wild winds.

Next we share a guide on how to receive assistance and how to help others after the devastation caused by the first leg:


tragedia en harlemHace 14 horas

Fallen officers sought to improve relationships between the NYPD and the community

Nueva JerseyHace 15 horas

They accuse 2 minors of setting fire that paralyzed Garden State Parkway for hours for hours

The American Red Cross is responding to the communities most affected by the storm.You can support your efforts by making an economic donation or offering your time as a volunteer.

To donate to the Red Cross, click here.

To be a Red Cross volunteer, click here.

Our food banks in the triestatal area are our main emergency food suppliers during times of crisis.They supply resources to food pantries and local services agencies.

You can help by sending a text message with the word Food at 707070, where you will receive a link compatible with Apple Pay and compatible with mobile devices to donate our local food banks.Note that the processing rates will be deduced from their mobile donation unless you choose to cover those costs.

With the needs of the community alReady at record levels due to pandemic and maNY food banks that face the loss of volunteers, food banks have been forced to depend on financial donations to replenish shelves, deliver stable products to familiesand keep the emergency food chain stable.

To obtain a list by county from food banks that provide services in the area, click here.

Regional food banks of the triestatal area are the distribution center of maNY local pantries and non -profit organizations of the community, all of which deliver nutritional foods to those in need.They need financial donations to help replenish their shelves, particularly with packaged items that can easily be distributed to those who need them.

New York City opened help centers for affected people.Here the information.

For more information and donate, visit:

New York City: Food Bank for New York City

Long Island: Island Harvest, Long Island Cares

Northern New Jersey: Community Food Bank of New Jersey

Monmouth and Ocean County: Fulfill NJ

Fairfield County: Connecticut Food Bank

Westchester County: Feeding Westchester

Rockland County, Orange, Putnam, Dutches, Ulster and Sullivan: Food Bank of The Hudson Valley

New York: https: // alert.NY.GOV/

New Jersey: http: // www.Ready.nj.GOV/

Connecticut: Ct.GOV/ctalert


This organization provides emergency services that include refuge, clothing and more social services regardless of religion or migratory state.

Email: catholiccharities@ccannj.org

Catholic Charisies of Trenton: 1-800-360-7711

Catholic Charisies of the Archdiocese of Newark: 973-596-4100

Catholic Charisies of Paterson: (973) 737-2077, info@ccpaterson.org

Catholic Charisies Archdiocese of Ny: (888) 744-7900

Guía de recursos para el área triestatal tras el paso catastrófico de Ida

Catholic Charities of Brooklyn & Queens: (718) 722-6001

Catholic Charisies of Staten Island: (718) 984-1500

Red Cross (Red Cross)

Red Cross - New Jersey

North of New Jersey: (973) 797-3300

Phillipsburg: (201) 832-9953

Red Cross - New York

New York City: (877) 733-2767

Long Island: (516) 747-3500

Metropolitan Area of the North of New York City: (203) 869-8444

New York State Financial Services Department

The Direct Disaster Line of the Department of Financial Services helps with problems related to insurance: 800-339-1759

NJ Financial Services Department: 1-800-446-7467

FEMA Disaster Assistance: The FEMA Disaster Assistance Improvement Program provides help to home owners, tenants and business owners who have suffered damage to their property after a disaster.President Biden approved the Greater Disaster Declaration for the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Richmond (Staten Island) and Westchester.This means that residents and business owners affected by the storm in these counties can request a series of subsidies, loans and federal programs.You may add more areas.Here the contacts:

1-800-621-Fema (1-800-621-3362)

Disaster assistance website: https: // www.Disassessistance.GOV/

New York has centers to help request federal and local aid.Here the information.

There is also good news for tenants who were affected by the devastating passage of hurricane Ida, since FEMA has created a guide to clarify certain doubts about whether or not you can receive the needy federal federal help.Click here or below to see the information.

Help for undocumented:

Governor Phil Murphy announced on Friday the preliminary details of a plan to grant subsidies to small companies in New Jersey affected by the severe time caused by the tropical storm Ida on Wednesday and early Thursday of Thursday.

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) has the task of creating and managing the program, which will provide immediate short -term support for the reimbursement of rent / mortgage to companies and non -profit organizations of New Jersey with up to 50 employeesthat suffered physical damage on September 1 and 2 of 2021, and any additional flood immediately posterior.

Through the proposed $ 10 million subsidies program, small companies and non -profit entities with up to 50 employees could request subsidies from $ 1,000 to $ 5,000.

The proposed program will be presented to the NJEDA Board for consideration and approval at a special meeting on Wednesday, September 8.If approved, the njeda hopes to announce the complete details and the application schedule for the subsidies program after that meeting.

For more information, click here.

Before the passage of the first leg, the main blood banks of the triestatal area reported a significant blood shortage and requested help to the community, particularly with the increase in the increase in the Delta Covid-19 variant.

Donating blood takes about an hour.Donated blood and platelets are quickly distributed to the hospitals in their community, which helps their most needy friends and neighbors.

To find the closest blood donation site, visit:

If someone needs to talk to:

What else can you do?

Open your home to a homeless pet

This is the time of the year in which our shelters and rescue of animals are usually at its maximum capacity due to spring litters.However, the persistent impact of pandemic has led to continuous operational restrictions and volunteer reductions, while the daily needs of our furry friends have only grown up.The need to place homeless pets in permanent homes has never been so big.

During this time, NBC 4 New York and Telemundo 47 are being associated with dozens of animal shelters and local rescues to connect love families with dogs, cats and other domestic animals throughout the area of the three states.Through our campaign, vacate the shelters you can see the pets available from the comfort of your home, make an appointment with a refuge or rescue and complete the adoption process.

Visit to vacate the shelters.com to start the process.

You can also help by online donation to shelters and rescue of local animals.Visit the Greater Good Charisies donations site in vacation.com.

Atlantic City Electric-800-833-7476

With Edison - Textea Reg To Outage (688243) to receive blackout updates


JCP&L – 888-544-4877

Orange Rockland– 877-434-4100

PSEG– 800-436-7734

PSEG Long Island 1-800-490-0075

National Grid-1-800-867-5222

Municipal Vineland– 856-794-4280

United Illuminating CompaNY– 800-722-5584


Groton Utilities –1-860-446-4000

Gas companies numbers

COX: 1-877-832-7658

Elizabethtown Gas: 1-800-242-5830;To inform a gas leak, call 1-800-492-4009

Frontier: 1-800-921-8101

New Jersey Natural Gas: 1-800-221-0051;To inform a gas leak, call 1-800-427-5325

PSEG: 1-800-436-7734;To inform a gas leak, call 1-800-436-7734

South Jersey Gas: 1-888-766-9900;To inform a gas leak, call 1-800-582-7060

National Grid: 1-800-642-4272;To inform a gas leak, call 1-800-892-2345

Federal agencies

@Fema: Federal Emergency Management Agency


State agencies

@Govnedlant: Governor Lamont office

@CTDEMHS: Connecticut Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (Emergency and Safety Management Division of Connecticut)

@Ct_state_police: Connecticut State Police

@Cidnews: Connecticut Insurance Department (Department of Insurance of Connecticut)



@Unitedillum: United Illuminating

Other help services

@Ctredcross: Connecticut Red Cross (Connecticut Red Cross)

@Femaregion1: Fema Region 1 (Help Connecticut)


State agencies

@Govmurphy: Governor Phil Murphy

@Ltgovoliver: Vice Governor Sheila Oliver

@Njgov: New Jersey Government

@Njtransit: nj transit

@Newjerseydot: NJ Department of Transportation (New Jersey Transport Department)

@Readynj: NJ Office of Emergency Management (New Jersey Emergency Management Office)

@NJSP: NJ State Police Public Information Unit (New Jersey State Police)

@Njinsurfraud: NJ Office of the Insurance Prosecutor (Office of the New Jersey Insurance Fraud)


@Psegdelivers, @psegnews: Pseg

@ORUConnect: Orange & Rockland

@Aceconnect: Atlantic City Electric


@etowngas: Elizabethtown Gas

@southjerseygas: South Jersey Gas

@Njnaturalgas: NJ Natural Gas

Other help services

@femaregion2: Fema Region 2 (Help for New Jersey and New York)

@Njredcross: Red Cross NJ (New Jersey Red Cross)


State agencies

@Govkathyhochul - Governor Kathy Hochul

@NYgov – Cuenta oficial del Estado de Nueva York

@NYSDHSES – New York State Homeland Security & Emergency Services (Servicios de emergencia y seguridad nacional del estado de Nueva York)

@NYspolice – New York State Police (Policía Estatal de Nueva York)

@NYSDOT - New York State Department of Transportation (Department of Transportation of the State of New York)

@Notifynyc - Official Emergency Notification System

@Nwsnewyorkny - New York National Meteorological Service

@Mta - Mta

@Lirr - Long Island Railroad


@Psegli - PSEG Long Island

@Conedison - Conedison

@Nationalgridus - National Grid

Other help services

@Femaregion2 - Fema Region 2 (Help for New Jersey and New York)

@Redcrossny - Red Cross NY (New York Red Cross)


Connecticut Emergency Management Office

Department of Emergency and Public Protection Services (or depip): 1-860-685-8190 and 1-800-842-0200

Connecticut 211: Connecticut 211 provides information services to the public during disasters.Residents are urged to call 211 if they need help to find specific resources or basic information before, during and after a disaster.In addition, resources are available on the Connecticut 211 website, click here for more information.


New Jersey Emergency Management Office


New York Emergency Management Office

Use the generators safely

In most cases, a generator is used to operate some domestic items during a temporary energy cut.When using a generator:

Use the candles carefully

During an energy cut, the use of lamps and flashlights that work with batteries is the safest option for emergency lighting.

If you need to use candles, be very careful.The National Velas Association has prepared a series of tips that include not using candles as a search light or night light.You must also ensure that the candles are always treated and beyond the reach of children and pets.You can access a complete list of tips here.

Avoid carbon monoxide poisoning

The risk of carbon monoxide poisoning increases during energy cuts.There are several steps that can take to avoid exposure to this toilet, colorless and mortal gas.

About flooded basements

Basement flood can create a series of problems ranging from mold growth and bacteria to electric shocks and more.Before taking measures to remedy the situation:

Questions about insurance

It is important to check your insurance policy to see if your policy covers specific damage to property.



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