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This Christmas triumphs at home with an ugly sweater: 23 ideas with a geek touch for Ugly Christmas Sweater (2021)
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  • 20/08/2022

This Christmas triumphs at home with an ugly sweater: 23 ideas with a geek touch for Ugly Christmas Sweater (2021)

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Eva Rodríguez de Luis@misstakanawa

Christmas lighting on, lounges sounding, tails in lottery administrations...Although officially not Christmas, it is informally.If you want to "succeed" in the events of these dates, or at least give what to talk, the time of putting on a Christmas sweater, in our case, with a geek touch begins.

You know how that, the worst, the better: welcome and welcome to our traditional Ugly Christmas Sweater.

Star Wars

The mythical and prolific saga gives for merchandising of all kinds, in quantity and quality.In fact, in these years of Ugly Christmas Sweater, Star Wars and Rare models are the time we repeat Jersey.

For more turns that I give, I find no reason not to put on this sweater, even outside the Christmas time: its chromatic combination and the print are very combinable in these cold months.From 32 euros


Hoy en Amazon por 35,88€

Wink and tribute to boba fett hunter with gold, red and green colors as protagonists in a sweater where Star Wars reasons are surprisingly well integrated.100% acrylic and official license, for 59.99 euros

Star WarsMandalorian Boba Fett Jersey Unisex Christmas Point forMen or Women - Ugly Swind Gift,Multicolor, L

Hoy en Amazon por 59,99€

The most adorable character of 'TheMandalorian' is the absolute protagonist of this sweater, which on the other hand is moderately discreet.With official license, 100% acrylic, from 37 euros

Star Wars TheMandalorian The Children's Bridge forMenMulticolor L |Yoda Baby, Christmas of the Feo Fair Fair Isle Christmas Gift IdeasMen Clothes

Hoy en Amazon por 42,15€

El personaje más entrañable es también uno de los favoritos para los Ugly Christmas Sweater, tanto es así que incluso Pull&Bear tiene en su catálogo esta versión a 29,99 euros , bastante ponible y con un mensaje empoderante.

Encuentro tu falta de fe alegría perturbadora: porque es Navidad, porque llevas un jersey feo de Star Wars.A sweater with wink in the form of words that on the other hand, thanks to the fact that it is dark, is quite discreet.With official license, 100% acrylic, for 59 euros.

Official Star Wars Darth Vader 'I Find Your Lack of Cheer Disturbing' Jersey for Christmas, Black, Red, White,M

Hoy en Amazon por 59,99€

Marvel and DC Comics

Chromatic combinations that are an attack on good taste, original logos and endless alternatives are the ingredients for a "Christmas ugly sweater fromMarvel and DC Comics" to be a successful recipe.

Esta Navidad triunfa en casa con un jersey feo: 23 ideas con un toque geek para el Ugly Christmas Sweater (2021)

One of the last releases produced byMarvel is thus converted into an ugly Christmas sweater in which Ying-Yang fits perfectly with snowflakes.Official product, for 59 euros

Marvel Shang -Chi - Christmas Jersey forMen or Women,Multicolor, XXXL

Hoy en Amazon por 59,99€

Inspired by the suit used by the Ikaris in Eternals, blue is the absolute protagonist of this sweater who, if you don't know what the subject is going, can go through a Christmas sweater with 0 Geek units.With official license, for 59 euros

Marvel Eternals - Christmas Jersey forMen or Woman,Multicolor, XS

Hoy en Amazon por 59,99€

Go Big or Go Home, or what is the same, if you are going to buy a Ugly Christmas Sweater Geek, make sure it's ugly ugly.Although of course, for tastes colors: this model inspired by Thor will help you not to pass that perceived.Official product, for 59 euros

Thor Jersey of Christmas Point Unisex For men or women, ugly seéterMarvel Avengers Gift,Multicolor, S

Hoy en Amazon por 59,99€

But really ugly, huh?A good example is this Spider-Gwen model, with a lot of spider-spoonfuls with snow copies.Official product, 100% acrylic ideal for those who pike wool, for 59 euros

Spider-Gwen Jersey of Christmas Point Unisex for women or men, ugly sweaterMarvel Spider-Man,Multicolor, S

Hoy en Amazon por 59,99€

Very low this Wonder Woman Jersey very striking and even beautiful.There is only XL size, but it costs 19.99 euros in Zavvi (+2.99 euros shipping costs).With official DC license

Marvel is much more than a franchise: its legacy has transcended until it reaches fashion, hence the shirts with their logo have become something mainstream.For those who want a Ugly Christmas Sweater and succeed, the version made Jersey costs from 36 euros.


Hoy en Amazon por 39,05€

Harry Potter

Harry Potter and his inherent British style is a guarantee of success to achieve a distinguished touch even in garments called to be extravagant and to show these four jerseis.

In fact, this model is so beautiful that it enters scrape within the compilation.Reinde, owls, snowflakes and Harry glasses to put at Christmas or at any time.With official license, from 34 euros

Harry Potter icons Fair Isle Point bridge for multicolored men L |Christmas bridge ugly suéter of Gryffindor from Christmas Hogwarts Gift ideas for men clothing

Hoy en Amazon por 42,11€

If you feel identified with this Hogwarts house, this ugly Christmas Jersey is for you.Gray, gold and the crosy of the house pair perfectly with snowflakes.With official license, for 59 euros

Harry Potter Hufflepuff Christmas Jersey for Women - Ugly Gift Swind

Hoy en Amazon por 59,99€

If you consider yourself a dark person, you feel identified with Voldemort - Your nose well?- Or simply you like the chromatic combination of this candidate, take advantage because it is only available in two sizes, it is an official product and costs 48 euros

Harry Potter Christmas Jersey Point Slytherin Crest Unisex:Medium

Hoy en Amazon por 76,84€

This beautiful Christmas ugly sweater hides a subtle message and a little passiveagrésive: how little you like family celebrations sharing a table with your wedge.Official product, for 59 euros

Harry Potter official Christmas sweater with English text "I'D rather spend Christmas at Hogwarts" Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow.M

Hoy en Amazon por 59,99€

Video game

This Christmas winks your favorite video game!Eye because there are surprises in the form of great classics adapted master to this format.

A bold, original and different this jersey of 'The Legend of Zelda Hyrule', which does not even have the classic snow copies.Put it at Christmas and during the winter, because it is quite stylish.For 44 euros, original license.

The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Man Christmas Jumper Green S, 50% cotton, 50% Polycrylic, regular

Hoy en Amazon por 44,90€

'Pacman' es un título atemporal que hemos visto en camisetas, edredones, ropa interior y por supuesto, también en jersey navideño, en este caso de la mano de Pull&Bear: 29 euros cuesta.

It is a sweater but it could well be the top of a pajamas for its prints and bright colors.Have value to put this Ugly Christmas Sweater of the most famous plumber of all time.For 34 euros

numskull SuperMario Suéter, L Unisex Adulto

Hoy en Amazon por 34,99€

With forgiveness, ugly Jersey where there are: Blanka and Bison feel the garment like a Christ two guns, and the combination of colors is not the most successful, but here we have come to play, right?Official product, for 29 euros

Official Christmas Jersey Street Fighter Blanka vs Bison

Hoy en Amazon por 29,99€

Cinema and TV

As a mass show, cinema and television mark fashions and this 2021 is the year of 'El Squida de Calamar'. El éxito de Netflix tiene jersey de Navidad oficial: 52,99 euros cuesta enMerchoid de importación y stock limitadísimo.

Another alternative in case the stock is exhausted or does not arrive on time on eBay: 19 euros (+40 euros of shipping costs from the United Kingdom) costs this sweater available in several sizes and colors with the message "Merry Squidmas" andThe geometric figures of the series.

Mens Squid Game Christmas EditionMerry Squidmas Knitted Jumper Sweater (Unisex)

Hoy en Ebay por 19,98€

If to the Christmas-Leave binomial we add one of the reference series of the last decades we have this ugly sweater that almost looks like a pajamas. Edición limitada de Primark, Noticias breves, ya está aquí, ya llegó para ustedMr.QUITANIVES, FOR 46 euros

Primark Limited The Simpsons - Sr.Plow - Christmas Jersey

Hoy en Amazon por 46,18€

Striking and most original this jersey of 'Stranger Things' where red and black will make us the kings and queens of the party...At least as to capture attention.For 45 euros

Stranger Things Ugly - Suéter navideño para hombre y mujer,Multicolor, XXX-Large

Hoy en Amazon por 45,65€

For those who return home for Christmas, such as nougat slogan, this sweater with E.T., iconic childhood character of many readers and editors of Xataka.At the moment only available in size XXL for 39 euros

Popgear e.t. Going Home for Christmas-Jersey de Punto paraMujer, Color AzulMarino suéteres, XXL

Hoy en Amazon por 40,09€

If this selection of Christmas sweaters with a GEEK touch has left you wanting more, here you can see the edition of our ugly Christmas sweaters of 2020, the Ugly Christmas Sweater of 2019 and the 31 ugly sweaters of 2018 of 2018.

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