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Tips for developing the retailer business during the pandemic period

I know that it will sound more than weird, but the competition of human puppies (babies), are animal puppies and, therefore, the competition of childcare stores are animal stores.Surely you already know that in advertising it is always recommended that a dog puppy appear so that the ad (spot) likes the audience, and if dogs are not available or their presence cannot be justified, babies are used.The message is, then, that first and before all, you use dog puppies.

Company animals in Spanish households increase in figures between 500.00 and 600.000 a year, while babies do so in just 330.000/350.000.Only with half of the increase in pets are in homes in a situation of having babies (I already anticipate in more than half), we find ourselves that the number of dogs entering the 'fertile homes'is greater than the number of babies.To emphasize the reality of the situation, it is clear that there are more and more cases of families that have children and animals and families that only have pets, than families who only have children.In this sense, the favorite company is dogs, which represent 89% of pets in Spain.

Surely, with what has been read to this point, more than one will be wondering "So, should I close my childcare store and open one of companion animals in your place?"No!Not much less, but we can ask ourselves "what if my childcare store makes a wink to the economy and becomes a puppy store?"(Of course, both humans and dogs).You will surely be thinking "Victor is already with her follies", but before putting the label, remember the phrase of Bill Clinton that I commented at the beginning of the article: "It is the economy, stupid".Economy and socio -economic are what they send and, without a doubt, it is easier to adapt to the realities than try to change them.

Consejos para desarrollar el negocio detallista en época de pandemia

When families are spent more money on a puppy, whether human or dogs, it is when it is a baby, and today it is increasingly common to see families with a child (I already put it in singular with knowledge of cause)And with a dog, and that's why I wonder, what if we offer to make the family compatible?And yes, I have said family, because you don't have to make mistakes, the dog is already a member of the family, and if we focus the business on the puppies, no one will be annoying the dog puppy (not in vain, we already sell themas stuffed animals for children, and for something it will be).

Of course, initially we forget animal feed, or not? As Mariano Rajoy would say.In the world of childcare, most stores do not touch the issue of child food, although it is only a matter of going around the business.Returning to the subject, if you do not want to complicate with this new strategy, only with crib clothes for puppies (blankets), cribs and moisés for puppies (beds), transport elements for the street and for the car (straps and baskets) and clothingfrom Baby Puppy (puppies), we would already have something different in our store to offer.It would also be a strategy to reach much more public, since we must take into account that not all puppy babies go to households for young people with age or intention of having human babies.Give it a thought.



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