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Tricks to clean the sweat stains of clothing
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  • 31/12/2022

Tricks to clean the sweat stains of clothing

Sweat is an unwanted friend who appears every summer.(Here you can consult the natural causes and remedies for excessive sweat).When hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating becomes a problem, it can affect everyday life and cause insecurity, low self -esteem, shame and even depression.But we must also understand that the sweat glands have a clear function in hydrochlorine metabolism and the humidity of the skin surface.


Also, we also avoid the light colors so that I do not know what the spot of sweat in the armpit marks and we bet more on the dark to disguise that footprint.To deal with the spot of sweat there are natural products such as vinegar, bicarbonate and salt to clean sweat of embedded clothes and dirt when they make white clothes yellowish.In that sense, we must bear in mind that the more sweat spots, the easier it will be to eliminate them.


A very natural and versatile cleaning product is vinegar, which also helps disinfect.Vinegar is one of the best tricks to remove sweat spots because, despite there is no evidence, there are many testimonies that ensure a very effective result because it also eliminates bad smell.

Sodium bicarbonate

Trucos para limpiar las manchas de sudor de la ropa

The use of bicarbonate for cleaning, both in clothes and at home, is very safe and effective.In the case of removing sweat spots, it is very interesting to eliminate waste and dirt from fibers.The final result will be to obtain much faster garments and, for greater effectiveness, we could use it with hydrogen peroxide.


Oxygenated hydrogen is one of the best options to clean sweat stains because it is one of the best bleaching agents.

an aspirin

The salicylic acid that contains any aspirin for pain and fever serves to clarify white clothes or, consequently, to clarify sweat spots.


Saltt is another product that takes muscle to clarify sweat stains.



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