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14 Netflix Christmas movies to enjoy with a family or escape it
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  • 13/12/2022

14 Netflix Christmas movies to enjoy with a family or escape it

We barely say goodbye to Black Friday and, with it, the month of November, the lights decorate the cities, the markets and the collection of food and toys begin to turn on, we decorate our houses with trees and nativity scenes, we fill our weekends ofPlans with colleagues and friends to say goodbye to the year and, ultimately, we introduce ourselves fully into a maelstrom of Christmas spirit and enthusiasm that some try to flee but very few achieve it.

Among the millions of traditions that Christmas brings are, without a doubt, the tearful ads of Campofrío, the lottery and many others, but here we have come to talk about the endless movies specifically produced to see the light on these dates.Even being of different genres and decades, these titles designed to be broadcast year after year share two qualities: to be set in full parties, of course, and transmit happy messages from family, love and friendship.Thus it can be cloying, which is, but not all are we a bit at this time of year?

Now that in December many series and programs make small pauses until January and that non -work days multiply due to key dates, open television chains fill their grills with mythical Christmas movies that seem to be destined to be received with theopen arms no matter how many times they have seen.Only at Casa (1990), El Grinch (2000), A father in Apura (1996), Gremlins (1984), Christmas story (2009)...The list in almost infinite.

Since its entry, Netflix has been clear that it was committed to Christmas theme films and every year it gives us several original productions to enjoy on demand on its 'streaming' platform.Because you may love and you feel binge.Take note!

Christmas chronicles

Crónicas de Navidad Tráiler (2) VO

Director: Clay Kaytis

Cast: Kurt Russell, Judah Lewis, Darby Camp, Oliver Hudson, Kimberly Williams-Paisley...

What is it about: On Christmas Vespers, little Kate plans to record Dad Noel when his chimney between his chimney to leave the tree.His older brother, Teddy, although he has lost all the Christmas illusion since his father died, he cannot avoid being attracted to the idea of seeing Santa in person.His plans do not come out as he had planned, and without knowing how they become the new Papa Noel assistants, to try to fulfill a very important mission: save Christmas.

Already available in Netflix

Safari for Christmas

Safari por Navidad Tráiler VO

Director: Ernie Barbarash Cast: Kristin Davis, Rob Lowe, Fezile Mpela, John Owen Lowe ...

What's up: Safari for Christmas is the perfect film for lovers of Christmas time - but not the cold - and of course, for adventurers.The film focuses on Kate Conrad, a woman whose marital life is not in her best time, and waits for her son to go to college to give her husband Drew a second honeymoon in Zambia as a surprise.However, he confesses that he wants to separate and she decides to embark on the trip of her life without her husband.In the exciting country he meets Derek, a pilot in charge of taking her to the next resort.During the trip they see an elephant breeding that they do not hesitate to help, moving the little reserve in which the pilot collaborates and resides.Kate again discovers his true vocation, being veterinary, and decides.The tape is a love letter to the elephants and promotes support for the reserves of these animals.

Already available in Netflix

14 películas navideñas de Netflix para disfrutar en familia o escapar de ella

The Christmas Knight

El caballero de la Navidad Tráiler VO

Director: Monika Mitchell

Cast: Vanessa Hudgens, Josh Whitehouse, Emmanuelle Chriki, Harry Jarvis ...

What's up: the movie is what you expect, and that is why it is perfect for a Christmas Sunday afternoon accompanied by Manta and Palomitas.Vanessa Hudgens gives life to the protagonist, Brooke, a professor of the Ohio Institute who has lost hope in finding love, coming to believe that it does not exist and is a fantasy.On the other hand, Sir Cole Christopher Frederick Lyons de Norwich is a finger -century hidalgo that in a race enters the forest on the back of his horse and runs into a witch that transports him to 2019 in order to fulfill a mission for a mission toBeing able to become a gentleman, but he doesn't know what he is.Lost in the New World, he ran into Brooke and he decides.Little by little they realize that their lives are very different but they find a common point in which they are comfortable and can explore their relationship while celebrating the festive era.

Already available in Netflix


Klaus Tráiler VO

Director: Sergio Pablos

Cast: Jason Schwartzman, Rashida Jones, J.K.Simmons...

What is it about: the Christmas comedy of animation explores the origin of Santa Claus and is the debut of the Spanish animator Sergio Pablos as director, also responsible for the original idea of the Grup films, my favorite villain (2010) and Smallfoot (2018).The film explores Jesper, from a very rich family due to the postal business, which goes to a postal academy but is the worst student waiting for his father to save him and maintain him.As punishment, it is intended for Smeerensburg, an island beyond the Arctic Polar Circle in which communications are null and its inhabitants are divided into two totally confronted features.To get out of there, Jesper needs to accumulate six thousand cards before Christmas Day, and at first it seems impossible.However, he meets a craftsman and carpenter named Klaus with predilection for children, so he leaves them handmade toys when he receives a letter from them.Then, Klaus and Jesper alienate and distribute toys to the children of the icy place while the mailman is getting closer to his goal and what was a faced town is getting closer to being completely united by generosity.The story is very original and very realistic, with characters moved by selfishness, at least at the beginning.

Already available in Netflix

Princess change

Cambio de princesa Tráiler VO

Director: Mike Rohl

Cast: Vanessa Hudgens, Sam Palladio, Suanne Braun, Nick Sagar...

What's up: Change of Princess, set a week before Christmas, follows Stacy, one of the best Chicago shelves that prepares to participate in a pastry contest in Belgravia.What I least expected to discover on his trip is that the future princess there is very much like.So much that even twin sisters look like.The aristocrat, tired of always being the center of all eyes, proposes Stacy to exchange during Christmas.Thus, the princess can experience a normal life and the protagonist to enter a world for which she is not prepared.

Already available in Netflix

A Christmas Prince

Un príncipe de Navidad Tráiler VO

Director: Alex Zamm

Cast: Rose Mciver, Ben Lamb, Daniel Fathers, Sarah Douglas ...

What is going: A Amber (Rose Mciver), a stagnant journalist, is presented with the opportunity to get out of his daily routine to cover the appointment of Prince Richard (Ben Lamb) as King of Aldovia.It is rumored that the prince plans to abdicate.Amber decides to curly in the palace, but she is confused with Princess Emily's teacher.He will assume this role to investigate the rumors from within, but he will have increasingly complicated to continue with his role, and will end up falling in love...Will he be able to continue with his lie?

Already available in Netflix

A Christmas Prince.The royal wedding

Un príncipe de Navidad: La boda real Trailer

Director: John Schultz.

Cast: Rose Mciver, Ben Lamb, Alice Krige, Sarah Douglas ...

What is it about: the sequel to the romantic comedy of a Christmas prince returns with the history of the journalist and the prince.A year after knowing each other they will formalize their love: the wedding preparations coincide with an economic and social crisis that the king has to assume.But while Richard tries to rescue his Amber kingdom, he begins to have doubts about his role as queen.The relationship between the two is tense, and the journalist rejects the strict rules of the royal wedding organization.Will you get to celebrate the wedding in your own way?But what is more important: will she assume her the role of her and she will marry?

Already available in Netflix

A Christmas Prince.REAL BABY

Un príncipe de Navidad: Bebé real Tráiler VO

Director: John Schultzreparto: Rose Mciver, Ben Lamb, Sarah Douglas, Theo Devaney ...

What's up: In this last movie we will see the kings of Aldovia again.Christmas has reached the kingdom and a real baby is on its way.Queen Amber (Rose Mciver) and King Richard (Ben Lamb) are preparing for the arrival of her first child.But the education of the same and the future of the kingdom will pass to the background when, just before renewing a sacred truce with another kingdom, the treaty disappears 600 years old.Peace puts the danger, and a curse will fall on the kingdom if they do not recover it.Amber will have to discover who the thief is to return security and peace to the kingdom.

Already available in Netflix


El calendario de Navidad Tráiler VO

Director: Bradley Walsh

Cast: Kat Graham, Quincy Brown, Ron Cephas Jones, Kevin Hanchard, Romaine Waite...

What is it about: we all know the chocolate advent calendars but the film The Christmas calendar has taken a magical turn.Abby is a girl who wants to arm himself with courage and pursue her dreams, but what she doesn't know is that an old Christmas calendar from her somewhat magical grandfather, who gives her grandfather, will change her life.Every day he collects a small object of the calendar that seems to predict the future and gradually indicate the course to love.

Already available in Netflix

White nights: three unforgettable love stories

Noches blancas: Tres historias de amor inolvidables Tráiler VOSE

Director: Luke Snellin

Cast: Odeya Rush, Kiernan Shipka, Isabela Merced, Shameik Moore, Jacob Batalon ...

What is it about: Based on the homonymous novel written by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle, the film follows three different love stories in Gracetown, a small American town that is plunged into one of their worst snowfall in full Christmas Eve.During these cold days, a girl will decide to get a risky haircut, three friends will compete to win a race and a waitress will have in her hands the fate of a pig.

Already available in Netflix

Christmas, crazy Christmas

Navidad, loca Navidad Tráiler VO

Director: Leslie Small

Cast: Romany Malco, Sonequa Martin-Green, Darlene Love...

What's going on: Rush Williams is a famous widower Radio DJ who lives with four children who are accustomed to having everything they want within their reach.Rush's unexpected dismissal in full Christmas holiday.All of them, especially the spoiled children, will have to get used to the new situation, leave the luxuries behind and forget their gift lists, while Rush draws a plan to become a radio star again.Guess what: they will soon realize that complying with little can also be gratifying.

Already available in Netflix

Christmas heritage

Herencia navideña Tráiler VO

Director: Ernie Barbarash

Cast: Eliza Taylor, Jake Lacy, Andie Macdowell

What is it about: Ellen is a young woman with a great ambition that is about to inherit the successful family business.Before his father's business is his, the girl will have to carry out the task that he has entrusted to him: to send a Christmas postcard to the former co -worker of his father at Snow Falls, the hometown in which he he grew up.She has never been there, but a snowstorm will force her to spend more time than she had thought and even get to work forward and recover her accommodated life.In the process, Ellen will learn some values and discover the love and true spirit of Christmas.

Already available in Netflix

Christmas along the way

Navidades en El Camino Tráiler VO

Director: David E.Talbert

Cast: Luke Grimes, Jessica Alba, Tim Allen and Vincent d'Onofrio

What's up: Christmas Eve, Eric decides to travel to the road, a small town, with the intention of finally meeting his father.The young man did not imagine that he was unexpectedly going to become one of the hostages of a robbery in a liquor shop, in the middle of the road.As the hours go by, Eric and the rest of prisoners begin to reveal some of their most personal confidences.

Already available in Netflix


A Very Murray Christmas Tráiler VO

Director: Sofia Coppola

Cast: Bill Murray, George Clooney, Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones

What's going on: Bill Murray is Bill Murray in the musical comedy directed by Sofia Coppola.The famous actor is in charge of presenting a Christmas special on television, to which numerous celebrities are invited.Far from his performance, Murray fears that some of the stars do not arrive on time for the event, as a consequence of the snowstorm that has paralyzed New York City.To try everything to come out as planned, the producers of the Anima Murray program to stand in front of the cameras to take Christmas magic to all homes.

Already available in Netflix



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