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Series and more all the premieres of series and movies of the week on platforms and channels (September 13-19)
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  • 28/10/2022

Series and more all the premieres of series and movies of the week on platforms and channels (September 13-19)

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We started the week with the most anticipated series and films premieres that arrive between September 13 and 19 to the catalogs of the platforms and channels.New and interesting titles to follow the track in Netflix,HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+,Movistar+, Apple TV+, Atresplayer Premium,TNT andXTRM.

From the expected third season of Sex Education, the return of The Morning Show and the review of the Bergman classic inHBO, secrets of a marriage or the musical film everyone talks about Jamie on Amazon Prime Video.

Monday, September 13

'Secrets of a marriage' - Miniseries (HBO)

'Secrets of a marriage' |Trailer |HBO

Making a new formulation of the dilemmas that were explored in the original miniseries created by Ingmar Bergman (and later film), being and secrets of a marriage of Hazi Levi analyzes the theme of love, hate, desire, monogamy,marriage and divorce from the perspective of a contemporary American couple.

Mira (Jessica Chastain) es una ejecutiva que trabaja en el campo de las nuevas tecnologías y que hace alarde de sus ambiciones y su confianza en sí misma. Sin embargo, no termina de sentirse satisfecha con su matrimonio. Por otro lado, está Jonathan (Oscar Isaac), un profesor de filosofía más complaciente que hará todo lo posible para mantener intacta su relación. Ambos se darán cuenta de que su historia de amor se va a pique y de que no podrán hacer nada para evitarlo.

'American Rust' - Miniseries (Movistar+)

Photogram of 'American Rust'.Movistar+

Del Harris (Jeff Daniels) is the committed and also complex Chief of Police of Buell, a town southwest of Pennsylvania, and one of the many that form the so -called "American" oxide belt and the most industrialized region of the country.Buell is a town full of people with good intentions that at the same time are victims of a whole succession of bad decisions.When Grace Poe (Maura Tierney), the woman with whom Harris maintains a secret relationship, sees how his son Billy murder accuse, Harris must decide how far he is willing to arrive to protect him.

'Vigil: Nuclear Conspiracy' - Miniseries (Movistar+)

'Vigil: Nuclear conspiracy', a miniseries that places the main threat underwater.Movistar+

Amy Silva (Suranne Jones) is a brilliant police detective that is sent to the HMS Vigil submarine to investigate the mysterious death of one of her crew.However, once there, Amy must face face to face with a reality very different from what I expected.Within the overwhelming submarine, secrets, hierarchies and the fact of being enclosed will complicate their research.In addition, crew members and main suspects are reluctant to collaborate.

However, Amy is not alone and has the help of her partner and confidant Kirsten Longacre (Rose Leslie), who collaborates with the investigation from the mainland.Soon, the case ends up transferring the walls of the submarine and reveals what will end up being a threatening conspiracy that directly implies British national security.The clock needles revolve faster than expected, and Amy Silva will have just a few hours of margin to resolve the crime without having hardly any contact with the exterior.

'Chicago Med' - Season 5 (TNT)

Series y Más Todos los estrenos de series y películas de la semana en plataformas y canales (13-19 septiembre)

'Chicago Med'.TNT

The Chicago Fire series spin-off opts for the most busy hospital in the city to place its main action.In it we will see how the day of the team of doctors who keep the center in operation, having to face the most real cases while they keep their friendship and fellowship relationships..

Wednesday, September 15

'Tales when night fell' - Movie (Netflix)

'Tales when night fell' Netflix

Alex (Winslow Fegley) is a boy who is obsessed with fear stories.One day, it is caught by an demonized witch (Krysten Ritter) in its magical apartment and to save yourself, you must tell you a fear story.To escape, Alex must ally with Yasmin (Lidya Jewett), which will help him find the exit.

'Schumacher' - Movie (Netflix)

'Schumacher' |Trailer |Netflix

The documentary, backed by the family of the Formula 1 champion itself, will take advantage of the exclusive interviews and the archive material of the athlete's life, making an affectionate and critical portrait that has become the best pilot in the world in evenseven occasions.Schumacher will analyze the dangerous sport and determination that led Michael to succeed globally and against all prognosis, conquering the imaginary of millions of people throughout his life.However, the documentary will also delve into its low self -esteem and insecurities, which also largely define the personality of Michael Schumacher.

Thursday, September 16

'Black Power: A British Story of Resistance' - Documentary (Movistar+)

'Black Power: A British Story of Resistance' | Tráiler VO |Movistar+

Produced by Steve McQueen (Small Ax), the documentary delves into the fight and the Black Power social movement, destined to fight against police brutality and racism in Great Britain of the 60s and 70s.

'The game of keys' - Season 2 (Amazon Prime Video)

'The game of keys' |Season 2 |Amazon Prime Video

A casual encounter between Adriana (Maite Perroni) and Sergio (Sebastián Zurita), former partners of the institute, marks the beginning of the game of keys where 4 couples are exchanged and generate new sexual and emotional combinations in a dangerous game.Comedy's code series reflects on long -term monogamy, self -realization and pleasure.

'Rocco' - Season 3 (XTRM)

Marco Giallini, protagonist of 'Rocco'.XTRM

Rocco Schiavone (Marco Giallini) is a State Police Deputy Commission.The pedant, sarcastic, rude and cynical protagonist will have to face his demons in solitude, while trying to investigate the worst human misfortunes that have threatened the town.

Friday, September 17

'Sex Education' - Season 3 (Netflix)

'Sex Education' |T3 trailer |Netflix

A new course begins in Mordale, and we see Otis (Asa Butterfield) after a long summer.The protagonist returns to the classes being sexually active and in this new season we will also see how Eric's relationship (Ncuti Gatwa) and Adam (Connor Swindells) and Jean's pregnancy (Gillian Anderson's pregnancy) progresses (Gillian Anderson).At the same time, the new director Hope will try to transform the institute radically, Aimee (Aimee-Lou Wood) discovers what feminism is, Jackson (Kedar Williams-Stirling) falls in love and a very committed audio message comes to light.

In the new episodes, Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter and the Secret Chamber) are incorporated into the cast of Peter, the older brother and with much more success in the life of Mr. Groff (Alistair Petrie);The singer and composer Dua Saleh, who debuts in the interpretation as lime, joins a non -binary gender student who arrives in Mordale;Indra Ové (Resident Evil), who gives life to Anna, Elsie's adoptive mother;and Jemima Kirke (Girls), in the role of the new director Hope.

'The Morning Show' - Season 2 (Apple TV+)

New Trailer of 'The Morning Show' | Season 2 |Apple TV+

The Morning Show explora el mundo que rodea la televisión y a todos aquellos que trabajan retransmitiendo las noticias matutinas a los ciudadanos de Estados Unidos cada día. En esta segunda temporada, se retoman los sucesos ocurridos anteriormente, donde el equipo de The Morning Show tendrá que recuperarse de la destrucción causada por Alex (Jennifer Aniston) y Bradley (Reese Witherspoon), que fueron testigos de un mundo en constante cambio donde la identidad lo es todo y el abismo entre cómo nos presentamos y cómo somos en realidad tiene un papel decisivo.'Todos hablan de Jamie' - Película (Amazon Prime Video)

'Everyone talks about Jamie' - Official Trailer in Spanish |Amazon Prime Video

The film follows the steps of Jamie New (Max Harwood), a Sheffield teenager who dreams of the day he can finally step on a stage and become a fierce and proud Drag Queen.While the rest of his classmates plan how his future will be when they graduate, Jamie decides.In addition, you will also get the help from the local drag legend Miss Crazy Chanelle (Richard and.Grant), which guides him for his stage debut.

However, everything that shines will not be gold, and Jamie must also face a father who does not finish supporting him (Ralph Ineson), a little inspired school coach (Sharon Horgan) and some very ignorant classmates who will do everythingpossible to ruin the parade.For this reason, Jamie and his community will carry out the most intense and colorful musical numbers, to overcome prejudices and launch a message of tolerance to the audience.

'Le Bal des Folles' - Movie (Amazon Prime Video)

'The Mad Women's Ball' |Vo trailer |Amazon Prime Video

In the Paris of the year 1885, Eugénie (Mélanie Laurent) is a young and passionate woman who has the special power to hear the dead.When her family discovers her secret, they decide to take her to the Pitié Salpétrière hospital, a neurological clinic directed by the famous professor and pioneer of Dr neurology.Puddle (Grégoire Bonnet).There women are admitted to hysteria, "madness", egomania, epilepsy and other types of mental illnesses and this will be the place where the protagonist knows Geneviève (Lou de laâge), a hospital nurse who will try to help her to the extentas far as possible.

'Robot Chickn' - Season 11 (HBO)

Photogram of 'Robot Chickn', an adult swim animation series.HBO

Creada por Seth Green y Matthew Senreich junto con los guionistas Douglas Goldstein y Tom Root, la popular serie americana de animación en stop-motion de Adult Swim regresa aHBO en una undécima tanda de episodios.In them they will parody movies, video games and personalities around the world through the most acidic and scathing humor.

Sunday, September 19

'The protected: the return' - Season 1 (Atresplayer Premium)

'The protected: the return' |Trailer |Atresplayer Premium

Almost ten years have passed since the Castillo Rey family had a happy ending, and since then, there are many things that have happened in their lives.The passage of time, destiny and an event for now unknown made them separating and that each one follow a different path.However, a serious threat puts them on alert, forcing them to join forces for a new mission.

On the return of the series, the actors who gave life to the iconic characters with supernatural powers will return.Among them are Antonio Garrido (Mario), Ana Fernández (Sandra), Luis Fernández (Culebra), Daniel Avilés (Carlitos) and Mario March (Lucas).The family would be completed with Maggie García, who will make Lucia.

The platform will prevent the first episode at 8:00 p.m..

'Work in Progress' - Season 2 (Movistar+)

Photogram of 'Work in Progress'.Movistar+

Produced by Lilly Wachowski (Sense8, Matrix), Work in Progress is an author's black and autobiographical humor comedy starring Abby (Abby Mcenany), a 45 -year -old woman who defines herself as "fat, bollera and queer".His bad luck and the depression that he suffers ends it by leading to a relationship with a transgender person who will transform his life completely.

Abby Mcenany herself is responsible for co -producing, writing and starring in the series and, in this second season, we will see our protagonist in new inks, which complicate their life even more with the arrival of a pandemic and a family emergency.

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