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Looking for a new end of StartInnova
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  • 07/03/2022

Looking for a new end of StartInnova

EXTRAS Valencia

This fourth edition of StartInnova will once again feature the La Salle Paterna Professional School. This center, which has participated in all the editions that have been held, presents a total of nine projects committed to innovation and the environment. In total, 32 students who, under the direction of their tutor Carmen Roldán, will try to reach the StartInnova final again. The academic program on entrepreneurship for Baccalaureate and Vocational Training students, organized in the Valencian Community by the newspaper LAS PROVINCIAS.

"In this edition, the students of the second year of Intermediate Grade of Telecommunications Installations and Electromechanics of Motor Vehicles have put all their ingenuity and creativity in the development of their business ideas", they pointed out from the center of Paterna, and added that " In this course, nine working groups have been formed with a common point, the commitment to innovation and the commitment to sustainability and improvement of the environment from both specialties».

From the La Salle Paterna Professional School they explain that the development of this program is integrated into the Business and Entrepreneurship subject which, as in previous years, is coordinated by Professor Carmen Rondán. «During the first quarter of the course, the initial phase of the contest takes place, where they work on their entrepreneurial side and develop their ideas through the methodology based on challenges and cooperative learning. Likewise, in this first part of the project they are learning basic entrepreneurial tools through the resources provided by the StartInnova digital platform.”

Buscando una nueva final de StartInnova

La Salle Professional School offers the educational stages of Infant, Primary, Secondary, Basic Vocational Training and Intermediate and Higher Level Training Cycles. Since its inception, it has been guided by permanent educational and pedagogical innovation in the classroom in order to respond to the social needs of children and youth. In the current course, infant and primary school has implemented the New Learning Context (NCA) of La Salle, an innovative form of pedagogy that aims to train boys and girls, developing their talents and making them competent to build their own future.



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