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Name and surname change: how to rectify the DNI
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Name and surname change: how to rectify the DNI

If you have to rectify your personal data in the National Identity Document (DNI), either by paternal recognition, for accreditation of the maternal last name, by change of name and surname or for errors that have been made at the time of printing, you have to take outA new DNI.

In all cases, there is a key point to take into account, and it will be required that the modifications be recorded in the birth certificate, including the change of name and surname, which will have to be presented at the time of startingThe process.

Another important fact is that together with the update you can also take advantage and carry out the process that allows the ID to have on the cell phone, a step that is simple and practical.

Name and surname: what do I need

To apply a change of name and surname in the ID or rectify any incorrect data, it is necessary, as a fundamental fact, the original of the rectified birth certificate (with the modifications that the ID will then have), with the signature and seal of thePublic Officer.

The rectification is carried out in the Civil Registry where the original was issued.Photocopy or birth certificate is not accepted.

Name change y apellido: una opción por género.

For this, the headquarters of the Civil Registry in CABA or the headquarters of the civil records in Argentina must be consulted and should:

Last steps to change your DNI

To quickly advance in the change of name and surname, the closest ID processing office must be searched on the map and complete the online form.

An optional procedure is that you can pay the process before going update it.For that, you must print the ballot and pay it in enabled places.The following steps are:


The procedure has only 15 minutes.Then, we must bear in mind that the delivery of the document is made by Argentine Correo at approximately 15 days.After two visits, the mail does not happen again.

As for the cost of the process for change of name and surname or other rectification is $ 300, while the IDs that are processed in the fixed positions of shopping and airports will have a value of $ 350 and can only be paid by credit or debit card.

From the "DNI copy", with rectification of any kind, the cost will be 450 pesos.

Gender change

In addition to the change of name and surname, many of the procedures that are requested today are gender change.Within the framework of Law No. 26743/2012 of gender identity, the interested party may modify the name and gender data that are registered in its ID.

For this, the interested party must initiate the process of rectification of birth certificate in the Civil Registry in which the birth is registered.Obtained the birth certificate with its modified name and gender, you can initiate the DNI rectification process.This procedure is free.

Name change y apellido: una opción que es posible.

Name change y apellido: cómo rectificar el DNI

This can be done from Law 26743 and it must be taken into account that, if you naturalized Argentine or did the option of Argentine citizenship and you cannot rectify the birth certificate, when doing the process you will have to complete a formIdentification data rectification request that will annex your citizenship file.

You can also do it in the CABA management and participation centers, in the civil records throughout the country and in positions enabled in shopping centers and tourist places.

It is aimed at every person who wants to exercise their right to gender identity in our country, for which the ID that is going to change the name and surname is needed;The original of the rectified birth certificate (with the modifications that the ID will then have), with the signature and seal of the public officer.Photocopies or birth certificates are not accepted.

The procedure is free.

Name change

In addition to the change of name and surname in the ID by mistake, omission, or gender change, among other reasons, the prename or the last name can be changed if the judge decides that there are fair reasons for change.There are cases in which judicial authorization is not needed:

You can also defend the use of the name before justice when:

Rectification of birth games

To achieve the change of name and surname, or any rectification that is necessary, it must be applied first in the birth certificate.To do this, in each jurisdiction it is done differently, depending on the civil registry where the person was noted.

For example, taking a case of CABA, the procedure is that the Civil Registry adds in the birth certificate the surname of the other parent, who was consigned when the birth of the birth, corrects some error or making a change.

In this case, the requirements are:

For example, if you want to add a surname, you have to complete the application for the addition of the surname, beyond the change of name and surname, downloading a filling form or completing it by hand.Then the request for the addition of the surname must be processed, load the data and documentation;Complete the data and attach the requested documentation;Wait the mail with the response to your application.

Request the ID on your cell phone

Once the person performs any procedure, he can take the opportunity to request the DNI on the cell phone, which has high levels of security and has the same functions as the DNI card, except to vote and travel outside the country.

For that, you can access the ID on the cell phone every Argentine or foreign person with a current residence, over 14 years.Having it is optional and does not replace, but complements, to the current card.These are two ways of carrying your identity, you choose which one to present in your daily procedures.

Name change y apellido: el DNI se puede tener en el celular.

The DNI on your cell phone is not a static image, but a three -dimensional representation of the DNI visualizable in 360 degrees.When you have the updated credential, you can verify this attribute by spinning the virtual image on the screen.

The credit update schedule is modified in each requirement and generates a safe copy on Renaper servers, which allows each request to be validated in a unique way.

How do I prove my identity?

Every time you need it, you can show the DNI on your cell phone from the my Argentina application as follows:

At the time of the exhibition, the clock icon (located at the upper right end of the credential) must be pressed to see current date and time and thus confirm that the credential corresponds to the last current specimen.

It is important to activate my Argentina and on the cell phone you use daily.It should be remembered that it is a personal identification element and cannot be installed on two devices.Being a unique activation code, if used on another phone automatically invalidates and you have to process a new one.

Who is he directed?

It is aimed at people over 14 years old;For the current DNI or in process: update, new copy, change of address.

At the time of processing the DNI card, they will offer you the option to obtain the ID on your cell phone.By accepting it, you will indicate your email to receive the activation code.It is very important that it is well written.

Upon receiving the activation code, my Argentina is entered with the code, which is valid for 72 hours.You have to accept the renaper terms and conditions and click Activate.Then you will ask that a 6 -digit numerical key and three security questions for recovery in case of oblivion be generated.

The DNI version on your cell phone has no additional value.At the time of carrying out the procedure, you will pay only the DNI card rate.

More about the name and surname

The law establishes with what names a person can be registered in the registry.Extravagant names, surnames as a name or put more than 3 names are not allowed.If indigenous names are allowed.

Beyond being able to make the name and surname change, in the case of the prename or first name, it must be the one that differentiates within the family itself, for example Juan or Pedro.It is legally acquired from the fact that they register you with that name in the Civil Registry.

There are prenombres that cannot be registered in the Civil Registry.The cases are:

They can register aboriginal names or derivatives of native and Latin American aboriginal voices.

Name change y apellido, o uno solo

As for the last name, the children carry the first last name of one of the parents.Or both, in the order they choose.If they do not put an acuedo, the matter is resolved by draw in the Civil Registry.

All the children of marriage have to take the same last name that has been decided for the first.

What happens to the son's last name outside of marriage?You have to distinguish:

The adopted children, if they are adopted by a single person, have their last name.If you adopt a couple, the same rules are applied as to the last name of the marriage biological children.

When the adopted age and sufficient maturity may ask that his surname of origin be added, that is, he can make a name and surname.

Non -binary DNI: the new document "X"

About 100 people throughout the country have already started the application to have the new "X" ID.That lyrics add as a third option for those who do not self -perceive with the "m" or "f" of the male and female gender.

The process promises to take less than two weeks and a series of previous steps must be met.

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It is important to note that non -binary people should not necessarily use the neutral pronoun.They can use the male or female.Or even alternate it.

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