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In 2015 Ivonne Reyes and Pepe Navarro agreed to have DNA tests but the famous one backed down
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  • 18/01/2023

In 2015 Ivonne Reyes and Pepe Navarro agreed to have DNA tests but the famous one backed down

The Venezuelan Ivonne Reyes and the journalist Pepe Navarro, to whom the justice attributed the paternity of the young Alejandro Reyes for refusing to take the paternity test, agreed to take two DNA tests, contributing their respective "genetic footprints" and that of the adolescent, toIn order to finally determine whether Navarro was the father or was not.

The journalist had been sentenced in the first and second instance for not having wanted to facilitate said evidence, so he was convicted.

However, he explains, he reconsidered and realized his mistake, although he had had the firm conviction that it was impossible to demonstrate paternity without previous sexual relationship.

«I wanted to rectify to bring serenity and vital and affective stability to Alejandro Reyes and my four children," says Navarro.

The contact between Navarro and Reyes, broken since the beginning of the judicial war, six years ago, Alejandro Reyes led to it, in 2014 through a first "WhatsApps", when he was 14 years old.Until 2015 enjulio sent him one in which he asked him to know him.

Alejandro had met Marlo's British school, who was 13 years old, son of the journalist, in which they both studied.He told him that "it was his half -brother" and they had become friends.

Obviously, Alejandro was curious and interest in meeting the man that his mother said he was his father.

The juncture led Navarro to send an email to Reyes, on July 26, 2015, proposing to "look for a dignified and sossega exit" to "save a lot of pain or add infinity happiness".

To which she replied, showing surprise by the proposal: «Regarding what you ask, the biological test, and your doubts, I am surprised, that reactions now, when, since Alejandro was born, I have asked you countless occasions, toalone, by phone, in person, always, at first in private, until Alejandro was an age in which he could no longer wait ».

«Then we went to the judicial lawsuits, and when the courts ordered you for five times (three in the first instance and two in the second) that you would lend yourself a biological sample, to definitely determine Alejandro's biological fatherhood, you refused repeatedly, knowingthat the refusal would mean the recognition by the courts that you are Alejandro's biological father.Why did you refuse so many times? What did you fear? ”He asked in a long" e-mail "dated July 2.

«The sentence, he ruled, that you were Alejandro's legal father, having repeatedly denied you to do the evidence both at a private level ....As a public.It was a hard and painful process, both for me and my family.For my part, the case is closed, ”added Reyes.

Ivonne Reyes changed her mind in December 2015

En 2015 Ivonne Reyes y Pepe Navarro acordaron hacerse pruebas de ADN pero la famosa se echó atrás

Things began to change on December 11, 2015 when Reyes called Navarro by phone.For more than an hour they chatted as if nothing had happened and specify the biological tests of DNA, according to the journalist.

Navarro took care of finding two laboratories so that the test was double and there was no doubt, discarding any possibility of error.

Then, at the request of it, they were left for dinner alone.They made peace.But a few hours later, Reyes telephoned him to postpone the tests because the young man had quarterly exams in the first half of January at the British school where they studied and did not want to disturb their tranquility.

A logical reflection.

And changed again, in the opposite direction in 2016

It was a period in which the man and the woman resumed fluid and normal communication, until things twisted in early February 2016.

"Someone leaked" that Navarro had offered, in an email, kings be done DNA test.

A meal, on February 5, subtracts differences and agree to accelerate preparations.They even talk about doing a business together.

The journalist was sure that he was not the father and was in mind that there was a year left for the filing of a claim for judgment review before the Civil Court of the Supreme Court.I had a year, until February 8, 2017.That day the window was closed.

However, everything began to change on February 9.A heart magazine publishes on the cover «Ivonne Reyes against the strings.Pepe Navarro asks for paternity tests ».

The next day, another digital medium publishes an interview with Reyes in which he denied all kinds of contact with Navarro.

The agreement between them flies through the air

And twenty -four hours later, at the edge of 2 in the morning, the woman sent a message advancing that the next day another medium of the heart was going to get a statements that he had not made: «This moves us more away from everything spoken, already AlexIt is spoken and nothing is funny, too many people participating, to see how I fix what corresponds to me and let time pass ».

The magazine Deco published a report in which they affirmed that "Pepe Navarro had decided to voluntarily submit to the paternity tests of her son with Ivonne Reyes" and state that the presenter and "Venezuelan actress opposes, since justice already issued a sentence to theregarding and "determined that Alejandro was the son of the Andalusian presenter".

In spite of everything, Navarro tried to prevent the agreement from derailing.But he did not get it.

On February 16 he received a WhatsApp from Reyes in which he said: «Pepe, it came very well, the scandal that wanted to ride.Without any base, absurd in every way, it has been good to have spoken, now, remember that there is a firm sentence, you are Alejandro's father, no matter how much they wantYou want to have contact with Alejandro, it depends on him, if not, then sorry.Really, now I have to continue with my life, Pepe, and if there is more noise, I can assure you that it is not my part, now solving issues ».

Everything was over.Navarro replied: «Ivonne, this is already unstoppable, 5 children who want to know the truth are demanded.And how much later they were of the answer, worse for everyone.You don't need to answer your lawyer.I keep going on".

Since February 2, 2012, the date of the judgment of appeal of section 22 of the Provincial Court of Madrid, Navarro had been sentenced to pay 850 euros per month for the support of the young man.

Navarro claims to have contributed a total of 96.302.80 euros at your livelihood until this year.

"But it's not just this.For a whole decade, Mrs. Reyes has been "making cash" at my expense thanks to exclusive in magazines and television programs in which I only talked about me.Knowing how I know the sector, calculate that its income, for this concept -that is, my person -have exceeded one million euros, ”explains Navarro.

The appeal before the Supreme

In November of that year, 2016, the journalist's daughter, Andrea Navarro, filed, before the Supreme Court, a demand for review of the Judgment of the Provincial Court of Madrid, providing a negative DNA test, which said that Alejandro Reyes orHe was the son of his father or, therefore, half his brother.

The document provided by Andrea Navarro was from the Clinical Genetics Laboratory, S.L.This center had collated the genetic profiles of Alejandro Reyes - from a fork obtained by a detective in a restaurant -, with that of Andrea herself, and with that of the journalist.The conclusion was definitive: Pepe Navarro was not Alejandro Reyes's father.

The Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court ruled against the claim inadmissible in process.First, because it could not "file the demand for not having been part of the process of origin and not be heiress or benefit of those who were still, since they still live".

And second, because he did it outside the legal term through a subsequent and generated document, "to change the meaning of the failure of the final sentence".

This, however, was not the only genetic test performed.

Months later, in the winter of that 2017, Reyes secretly commissioned two people from the 360 Global Intelligence research company, S.L.Obtaining objects used by Pepe Navarro to carry out a DNA test that would confirm whether his son, Alejandro Reyes, was also the son of the journalist.

The result was conclusive: "The results obtained exclude taxpayers to the mixture genetic profile obtained from the Biological Sample GF17/738-PP [Pepe Navarro], as a biological father of the donor of the Biological Sam.

In spite of everything, the judicial truth prevails: the journalist is officially the young man's father.Although material truth indicates something else.

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