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The SCJN authorizes paternity leave for three months to workers

"We will give paid paternity leave for three months, the same as for women," said Zaldívar.

The SCJN minister assured that this measure places the Federal Judiciary at the forefront in the American Continent, "as one of the most protectionist institutions and one that does a better job committed to achieving real equality between men and women."

"This license will be paid for three months, which can be exercised in a period of nine months from the birth or adoption of the child," he added.

Paternity leave in the SCJN seeks to end stereotypes

Arturo Zaldívar stated that these paternity licenses are perhaps "the most transformative and revolutionary measure that has been taken in the history of the Judiciary and public institutions in Mexico."

He, well, he explained this will generate first, to end the stereotype of the female caregiver and allow the end of labor discrimination.

"We know how women are not hired or promoted precisely because of the fear of maternity leave," he acknowledged.

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The CDMX government proposes a 45-day paternity leave

"This is also going to help break the salary gap, it is going to level the playing field, it is going to allow girls and boys to take more complete care not only of their mother but also of their fathers. It will also help families conventions – that this is very, very transcendent – ​​and will allow men to fully live their fatherhood, from the earliest stages," he added.

It is a measure, he said, "I hope it will serve as an example for other public and private institutions to advance in this agenda."



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