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Paterna rewards the innovation and talent of companies and businesswomen with the VI Paterna Awards City of Companies
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  • 07/12/2022

Paterna rewards the innovation and talent of companies and businesswomen with the VI Paterna Awards City of Companies

The Grand Theater Antonio Ferrandis de Paterna became yesterday the meeting point of local and provincial business with the realization of the Gala of the Paterna Awards City of Business, which this 2021 celebrated its edition.

These awards, in which personalities from the business and institutional world met, and that are promoted from the business association that this year celebrates its 10th anniversary, aim to promote, promote and recognize the industrial and innovative potential of the municipality.

During the event, which has been held according to the current sanitary and security measures, there was a review of the initiatives and actions undertaken from the City Council and the Paterna Association City of Companies during this last year and that, in the words of the mayor himselfby Paterna Juan Antonio Sagredo, "they constitute the best national example of public -private collaboration, consolidating Paterna as a business lung and economic dynamizer of the metropolitan area and the province of Valencia".


In the category of Best Start UP, the award -winning company was NBN23, dedicated to the development of new technologies and applications that improve the performance of athletes and that optimize the efficiency of federations and sports clubs.The Secretary of the Valencian Business Confederation, Miguel Ángel Javaloyes, was in charge of delivering the award.

Paterna premia la innovación y el talento de empresas y empresarias con los VI premios Paterna Ciudad de Empresas

The Research and Innovative Trajectory Award, which the director of the provinces, Jesús Trelis, recalled in Adm Biopolis SL, a biotechnological company whose objective is to transfer quality science to the agri -food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry to improve its competitiveness.

On the other hand, the mayor of Bonrepós I Mirambell, Raquel Ramiro, delivered the prize to the sustainable and socially responsible company, was for Sol I Vent Paisatges, a landscaping company and gardening founded more than 25 years ago that develops its activity with theMaximum respect for the environment and minimizing the impact on the environment.

As for the International Projection Award, the winning company was Polymer Char, dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of polymers analytical instrumentation and which has a consolidated and powerful international network.The award was delivered by the president of Asivalco and Fepeval, Santiago Salvador.

In the category of businesswoman, the prize went to Nuria López Herero de at the head of the company Decoac, and that he received the award from the president of the Association of the Industrial Polygon L’Acanana, Carmen Pi Palau.

On the other hand, the recognition of the figure of the autonomous entrepreneur with the local micropyme award was for A3Sides, a technology base company with services for the optimization of business management, and which received the award from the Secretary General of Public Services of UGTIn the region, José Miguel Yepes.

In this sixth edition, the Business Trajectory Award was for the Lluis Vives Business School and its Valencia Chamber FP campus, for the work carried out to boost training and innovation.The prize was delivered by the regional secretary of Sustainable Economics, productive sectors, commerce and labor, Rebeca Torró.

Finally, the mayor of Paterna, Juan Antonio Sagredo, was in charge of delivering the Special JornThree family generations working on it is a referents in the business sector of the city.



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