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Social Security notice to fathers and mothers about the payment of the birth benefit
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  • 10/04/2023

Social Security notice to fathers and mothers about the payment of the birth benefit


The National Social Security Institute (INSS) has clarified an important question that parents usually have when they have a child and request the corresponding benefit. What day is the birth benefit paid? The first business day of the month following the resolution of its recognition. If the recognition occurs after the payroll closes (10/12 of the month), it is paid the following month.

The National Institute of Social Security has also expanded the services available on the Your Social Security (TUSS) portal through access as a representative, which now allows you to consult and manage birth and child care benefits. This access through a representative allows these procedures to be carried out even if we do not have a permanent Cl@ve or digital certificate, simply authorizing a person who has one of these identification methods to carry them out on our behalf. Likewise, Social Security has recalled that the resolution of the benefit is sent by electronic means.

These services are grouped into 4 sections:

Aviso de la Seguridad Social a padres y madres sobre el pago de la prestación por nacimiento





The latest to be incorporated are those relating to the 'Family' section, where you can consult and manage birth and child care benefits and request successive benefit periods if you have opted for this modality.


The rest of the services remain as before. Thus, in the Work section you can access the retirement simulator; while in Healthcare 'Assistance' you will be able to manage the application for the European Health Insurance Card, register a beneficiary for healthcare, consult the beneficiaries of your healthcare and recover a former beneficiary of your healthcare.

The most extensive catalog of services is that of the 'Pensions' section, which allows you to consult and manage already recognized benefits on behalf of another person. You can access it by clicking on the link 'Your Pensions: Manage your Benefit'.

Ministerio de Empleo y Seguridad Social,PaternidadTendencias


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