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The first sports federations are installed in the new Center de l'Esport of the Technology Park

The first sports federations of the Valencian Community begin their landing at the new Center de l'Esport, which during this month of December will begin its activity as the headquarters of all the federated sports of the Valencian Community.

At the time of its inauguration, the Center de l'Esport, located in the Technology Park, will bring together a total of nine federations that will start working from their facilities for the athletes they represent. In fact, the early risers sports entities have already begun moving to their new offices where they will have all the comforts and services to carry out their activity with guarantees.

Different federations will begin their activity shortly in the Center de l'Esport, a building that will be run by the Association of Sports Federations of the Valencian Community (CONFEDECOM) after hard work by the entity chaired by Salvador Fabregat.

The first sports federations are established in the new Center de l'Esport of the Technological Park

The Confedecom team has been working tirelessly in recent months to recover this building owned by the Generalitat Valenciana and turn it into a center of activity in which the different federations have their home for the coming years under very advantageous conditions.

Meeting rooms, parking, concierge, spacious offices, high-speed internet... many are the services that Confedecom makes available to all its member federations that have the opportunity to enjoy their own space in which to share administrative activity daily, attention to the public or the work of its members.



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