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Video |Servais thissen: "The now proven data on the true paternity of José Carlos Mariátegui does not affect his magnitude at all"
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  • 22/08/2022

Video |Servais thissen: "The now proven data on the true paternity of José Carlos Mariátegui does not affect his magnitude at all"

José Carlos Mariátegui goes beyond the undoubted intellectual and cultural reference.Mariátegui is a core, to the point that it is impossible to understand/feel Peru without his work.Therefore, Mariátegui to date is a brand, a kind of figure that scholars and admirers want to know everything and in this intention also appears the apparent tangential information that can be collected from his life (call fetishism) fetishism).

One of those obsessed with Mariategui's life and work is the Belgian researcher Servais Thissen, who in 2017 published Marátegui.Illustrated biography.The adventure of the new man (horizon), a book that contributes 500 photographs of the period and that these days will present Mariátegui, new contributions (Argos), that contains unpublished texts by Mariátegui, such as letters and poems, also interviews, stories and articles not included in book;Texts about Mariátegui after summit in 1930 and the probative document on its new paternity.

A book called Aser Fire and controversy, no doubt.

In this regard, the Belgian researcher points out that his passion for the Peruvian thinker began 45 years ago:

“I discovered Josécarlos Mariátegui for his magazine Amauta.I saw her on Grau Avenue, her graphic part and content caught my attention.A very interesting person appeared to me and also his surroundings, such as César Vallejo, Abrahamvaldelomar, Haya de la Torre.In addition, I am fond of photography and started Areunir photos of Mariátegui.I also met Javier Mariátegui and started to stop access to not well known material.

Over time I realized that there was no illustrated biography of Mariátegui.Thus, in 2017 I published the illustrated biography of Mariátegui.His life is impressive, he had one year old and died at age 35.He was promoter of socialism, history, literature and art.The best of Peru I found him in Mariátegui ".

To the Overall question configured the publication, Thissen answers the following:

Video | Servais Thissen: «El dato ahora comprobado sobre la verdadera paternidad de José Carlos Mariátegui no afecta en nada la magnitud de su obra»

“This book was born from the search I did from the illustrated biography.And I found articles and charges that are not in the volumes of the complete works.There are texts by Mariátegui and others referring to him.Articles about the death of Mariátegui in 1930.Letters, poems, a story, interviews and Mariategui's own writings.Articles that are not signed in the newspaper information where Mariátegui wrote all the content.There are his texts about Germany after World War I.The accuracy with which Mariátegui written is striking.In addition, there is a very emotional article by Luis Albertosánchez when his leg amputates and asks for support for him.

The most striking of this book is the one referring to the new paternity.Humberto Rodríguez Pastor in 1995 demonstrates in a book that Mariátegui was the son of a man named Julio César Chocano.Among several concerns, he orbit a question: why is a woman from Huacho to give birth to Moquegua?I asked Humberto Rodríguez Pastor if she had new elements and told me about a friend.This is how I arrived in Augusto Tamayo ”.

Indeed, Comosi would be a literary CSI -type investigation, the renowned critician who arrived at this revealing data by chance.

"I have admiration for Mariátegui.It is a public figure that is important to know not only his work.Well, my great -great grandmother's sister took Mariátegui to Moquegua.The appearance of this relative of mine in the life of José Carlos Mariátegui caught my attention.Rodríguez Pastor mentions that being in Moquegua he learned that Mariátegui's mother had been protected from a man named Chocano.I contacted some descendants to have more precise data.And I did a genealogical investigation of this fact and found the birth certificate of Mariátegui's sister and the declarant was Julio César Chocano.It seemed that Mariátegui's father could be.

Some time later, I did a DNA exam and sent me a huge amount of people from people who shared genes with me.In that information my sisters appear, my cousins brothers, second cousins.And one of Mariátegui's grandchildren appears.Another grandson appeared.They appeared as third cousins.For me it was the objective and impartial test.They even sent me a document that was told that we predict that Aldo Mariátegui - the journalist - is his third cousin ”.

In this sense, it is possible to ask if the poet José Santos Chocano and Mariátegui knew that they shared blood.Tamayo says:

“Mariátegui never talked about his father.I don't know if there was a real awareness of whether he knew that Julio Césarchocano was his father.I imagine that he knew, but he didn't want to speak it.In these years the polarization was very strong, I am not sure that Mariátegui and Josentos Chocano were friends.I don't think Chocano knew they shared some.

And thissen adds:

“Julio César Chocanora a military and met José Carlos Mariátegui's mother in Huacho.Chocano was also parliamentary.Mariátegui's third brother changes his name, Julio César is put in thanks to his mother's protector.This is a historical fact, which comes to light - signed in documentation - not attempts Mariátegui's work.The figure of Mariátegui does not change, a transcendental public figure.

José Carlos Mariátegui was very admirer of the poet José Santos Chocano.Apparently, he attended a presentation of Chocano in Huacho and used to recite verses from Chocano.However, in the year 1925 he had aimed with Chocano because he supported a declaration of Vasconcelos, with whom the Vate maintained a furious controversy.The day Mariátegui inaugurates his Minerva printing press, Chocano claimed him;And then he went to El Comercio where he killed Edwin Elmore.Chocano in jail writes a terrible diatribe against those who signed that statement from Vasconcelos.

In these difficult times, where Mariátegui's thought has been misrepresented - even the luminous path claims it - it is important to rescue the message of José Carlos Mariátegui, because he was a democratic man who sought a socialism based on solidarity and justice.His message is not only political and union, but human, cultural and where art is fundamental ”.

See the full interview:

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