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Get ahead of Black Friday with the best offers on dryers, clotheslines and radiators for towels

Autumn is a time to fully enjoy the terraces and walks without suffering too much cold or heat. But, with gray days, the weather turns humid and the rain can prevent us from drying our clothes completely. Many times, we find that humidity leaves our clothes with a bad smell, despite having washed them.

If the cold and humidity of this time of year bring you difficulties when it comes to doing your laundry, La Vanguardia's Buyer offers you several efficient solutions that dry your clothes and leave them warm without wrinkling them. These are products such as electric clotheslines and towel radiators that you can use to leave your clothes clean and dry. Take advantage of the opportunity and get ahead of Black Friday by buying them on sale.

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facula Electric Towel Rail Radiator

This steel towel rack is electrically heated to help you quickly dry your towels and keep them warm. It has a modern style, with straight and minimalist lines, which looks good in any bathroom. It uses efficient high heat exchange fluid technology and is easy to operate thanks to its simple 'roulette' type regulation.

The towel rail has several modes: Comfort, Standby, Boost 2h, timer 12h and timer 24h. It includes a fixing kit adjustable in height and depth that will allow you to install it on your wall conveniently, and it has a 1.2 meter power cable with a Schuko plug. Get it on sale.

buy on amazon for €169.00

InnovaGoods Folding Electric Drying Rack

This electric clothesline is a great option, as it offers ample hanging space and can be folded after each use, compacting for storage. It has specific hooks to hang house shoes and other light footwear.

It is made of aluminum and has low power consumption, which makes it a good option to save energy. It has 30 bars of approximately 50 cm each and 4 supports for drying shoes. You can find it today.

buy on amazon for €159.98


This electric towel rack with an original zig zag design is perfect for keeping towels dry and warm, but it can also be used as an electric clothesline. It is ideal for the bathroom, bedroom or anywhere in the house. It is very practical in winter, but it can also be used as a normal towel rail without connecting it to the electrical network, which makes it suitable for the whole year.

It has 5 heating bars of approximately 40 cm and has removable feet to place it on the ground, which allows easy assembly without fixing it to the wall. Get it today.

buy on amazon for €49.59

Save 7%

EASYmaxx Airflow Drying Rack

This clothesline offers a large drying surface thanks to its 12 aluminum bars and its additional poles to hang up to 20 hangers. It's ultra-functional: its constant airflow minimizes creasing, allowing clothes to be worn without ironing in many cases.

It is a foldable clothesline, which saves space and is extremely light. It allows a special gentle drying for sensitive fabrics such as silk, cashmere and clothes with sequins. Get it on sale.

buy on amazon for €48.70

Save 9%

B08P54JNTL Mellerware Cuddly! Electric towel rail

This heated towel rail is ideal for placing in the bathroom thanks to its dual functionality. It has 500W of power, enough to heat, efficiently and quickly, towels or other clothes and rooms of up to 8 square meters. It is a very useful product that will keep your space warm and dry your clothes.

The temperature can be adjusted up to 35ºC and the radiator has a timer of up to 9 hours, 3 modes (comfort, ECO and anti-freeze) and an “open window” function in which the appliance automatically disconnects if it detects a drop temperature of 2ºC in 2 minutes. It has 3 default programs that you can adjust according to your needs so that it turns on and off when you want, and it saves energy thanks to its low consumption.

You can mount it to the wall saving space. Get it today.

buy on amazon for €126.99

Save 19%

They scratch radiators and balconies. Drying rack for small laundry

This small and practical clothesline can be installed over a window or balcony in good weather, but it can also take advantage of the heat of a radiator by drying clothes with it. It is a versatile product that offers a 4 meter steel laying surface.

It is suitable for indoors and outdoors. It has bumpers to prevent scratching surfaces and measures 54.5 x 35 x 13.5 cm, making it compact and convenient to store. Get it today.

buy on amazon for €10.90

Save 23%

Rayen 6175 Clothesline Cover with Heater

This cover sits over your clothesline to protect clothes from dust and other elements, while its heater allows clothes to dry faster. It is an excellent product to take care of your clothes and make them stay clean and neat for much longer.

It has a heater with minimal energy consumption and the cover adapts easily to the size of your clothesline. The package includes two units, so you can dry the clothes of your whole family in one go. Get it on sale.

buy on amazon for €36.17

Save 8%

Orbegozo TH 8002 - Electric towel rail

This electric towel rail has 90 W of power and allows you to keep your towels warm, soft and dry while maintaining a warm and pleasant atmosphere in the room. It is especially suitable for the bathroom, although you can install it on the wall of your bedroom or another room, as it can also be used as an electric clothesline.

It is a compact model, ideal for small bathrooms. Due to its low weight and its installation kit you can place it without much effort. The towel rack is painted white which prevents damage and provides long life with an optimal appearance. Get it at a great price.

buy on amazon for €39.90

Save 7%

electric clothes dryer

This 220W folding electric clothesline is made from durable and strong aluminum tubes. It will save you valuable drying time. In addition, its possibility of folding will allow you to store it very easily, saving space.

It is a very functional drying rack: the folding side wings and the large central drying area give a total of 20 drying bars. Features non-slip cleated feet for optimal stability and safety. It is splash resistant. Get it today.

buy on amazon for €64.99

* Prices updated as of November 1, 2021

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