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Aruba launches “Honeymoon First” campaign

The arrival of the pandemic caused many plans to be affected or postponed, including wedding celebrations, proposals or honeymoons. From the Happiest Island in the Caribbean we want visitors to be able to live those romantic experiences that they could not do before and give them reasons to smile, dream and enjoy as a couple.

There is nothing like celebrating love and in Aruba there are no rules to do so, which is why through the "Honeymoon First" campaign, the happy island invites all couples to go on the moon of honey without the need to have a prior commitment so that they can enjoy unique moments and the novelties that the destination brings.

Aruba will be able to create memorable experiences, just like a honeymoon, with the support of partners such as airlines, hotels, restaurants and tour operators that will offer different activities to do on the island and provide exclusive and unique benefits for clients such as : photography sessions, room amenities and boat ride, among others.

Aruba launches “Honeymoon First” campaign

“In Aruba we like to celebrate love and see our tourists happy, that is why we want to invite all those who wish to make their honeymoon trip first because you only need to be in love and have all the desire to share happy moments This is how Honeymoon Fist was born, which is an invitation for all couples to live a romantic experience on our happy island. During this campaign we will surprise them with more than 35 offers between packages, hotels, activities and special rates on air tickets”, says Miriam Dabian, director of the Tourism Authority for Latin America.

Aruba already has 75% of the population over the age of 12 vaccinated, so visitors can feel safer.The happy island offers a perfect climate with an average annual temperature of 28 degrees Celsius, beaches recognized worldwide, a great variety of gastronomic offer and adventure, exploration and romance plans to do as a couple.



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