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Encounter between Mbappé and Neymar in the PSG: 'That Pordioso does not happen to me'

Paris France

Is the honeymoon started in 2017 at Paris Saint-Germain between Brazilian Neymar and the young French prodigy Kylian Mbappé?The two most expensive signings in history, which meet their fifth season together, emit symptoms of fatigue in their relationship.

The episode that has brought to light the larval conflict occurred last Saturday, during the match against Montpellier, and was revealed by the Canal+television network, which has read Mbappé's lips.

After being replaced, once on the bench, the Frenchman does not hide his frustration and tells a partner: 'That Pordioso does not happen to me'.

The reference, clearly addressed to the Brazilian, has opened a new front in the PSG locker room on the eve of the Champions League duel against Manchester City, its executioner in that competition last year.A test that must measure the moment in which the Parisians are.

The club has done everything possible to minimize the touch.The two players appeared talking after the duel and in the training session the next day they were laughing together, as if meaning that everything is going well.

Encontronazo entre Mbappé y Neymar en el PSG: 'Ese pordiosero no me la pasa'

The team counts its league matches by victories, the integration of its stars seems to be on the right track and the team begins to live some stability.

Champions League

Una buena prestación contra el City ayudaría a borrar la mala imagen que dieron frente al Brujas hace dos semanas, que refrescó la teoría de que el nivel de la liga francesa no es un buen referente cuando se viaja por Europa.

Mbappé's words about Neymar can open another front.L'equipe already speculates with a conflict of broader draft, than the arrival of Argentine Lionel Messi has only worsened, just like the refusal of French to renew his contract, which ends at the end of this season.

The idyll, the newspaper speculates, may have finished and Mbappé feels displaced in a costume where the Latin sector has gained progressively and where he does not fit.

The connection between the Gallic and the Brazilian, who seemed to roll to a thousand wonders, has been oxidizing without any assistance between them and the number of passes has been reduced surprisingly.

The two players arrived almost at the same time to the PSG to inaugurate a new era.Immediately, a privilege relationship was born that left the third leg then of the trident, the Uruguayan Edinson Cavani.

Both on the pitch and outside, the signs of affection were constant and none of them was missing the opportunity to extol the other.



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