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Laura Dern, the candidate to win the Oscar for her implacable lawyer in "History of a marriage" leaves her charm in "Mujercitas"

They say that the third is the defeated and that opportunity could be worth his first Oscar as best cast actress.Laura Dern is 52 years old and a trajectory that began since she was a child, when she looked at her determined mother who would dedicate himself to acting.

Daughter of the actors Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd, her mother did not want the then teenager to dedicate to her own profession.Although this did not stop it;She requested her emancipation, a kind of separation from her with her parents, which owned her her decisions, and with it the beginning of a race in front of the cameras.First "divorce".

It is curious, this 2020 the actress prepares to attend this Sunday, February 9 at the 92nd ceremony of the Academy Awards, and not as one more participant but as the favorite candidate to take the statuette as the best distribution actress for herimplacable lawyer in "History of a marriage" ("Marriage Story", by Noah Baumbach).

In Terna Dern competes against colleagues as his cast partner Scarlett Johansson (by "Jojo Rabbit"), Kathy Bates ("The case of Richard Jewell"), Margot Robbie ("The scandal") and Florence Pugh ("Mujercitas",film in which it also participates).But it comes quiet, with several recognitions under the arm.

Let us remember, the actress won the Golden Globe, the SAG and the BAFTA for her character Nora Fanshaw in the Netflix tape.Fanshaw is a lawyer, leader in divorces and who will ensure that Nicole (Johansson) wins in the separation of goods against Charlie (Adam Driver).

The film, which exceeds two hours, presents this implacable lawyer, the terror of the lawyers of the competition.Between scene scene - valued by critics by the level of empathy and similarity with the real divorces - he stands out (mainly) with a monologue, which once again reflects the gender difference between men and women, but with the plus of empowermentof a professional, who is very clear about the legal strategy that will carry out.

"We can accept an imperfect father.The concept of good father was invented only about thirty years ago.Before that, parents could be silent, absent, unreliable and selfish.Of course we do not want it to be so but we accept it, we like them for their imperfections but people do not tolerate the same in mothers.It is unacceptable at a structural and spiritual level because the basis of the Judeo -Christian hoax...Whatever, is Mary, the mother of Jesus, who is perfect.He is a Virgin who gives birth, unconditionally supports his son and holds his body when he dies.The father does not appear.Nor to pour a dust.God is in heaven, he is the Father and did not appear.So you have to be perfect but Charlie can be a fucking disaster and it doesn't matter.You will always put the highest bar.And it is why it is what there is, "he says in a loaded scene symbolism.

Lawyer in life?DERN, defender of social causes

Laura Dern, la candidata a ganar el Oscar por su implacable abogada en

As her character, the actress stands out for her activism in the struggles she defends.Among them, an episode that marked his career: having played a lesbian woman next to Ellen Degeneres, when he announced her homosexuality in one of the episodes of the "Ellen" series, at a time when the world wasmore reluctant to this issue.

This chapter momentarily blocked DERN's career, constantly consulted about his sexuality (for having participated in the strip in the so -called "puppy episode"), although so far he maintains that he does not regret.

Among other causes in which the flag carries, DERN is part of the organization of Children's Health Environmental Coalition, which seeks to raise awareness about the toxic substances that can affect the boys.

Inspired by...: Did your "history of a marriage" based on the lawyer of your own divorce based?

"I do not affirm or deny that Nora Fanshaw is based on Laura Wasser," said Dern, since the similarities are more than one with the renowned lawyer, highlighted by carrying out dozens of media divorces such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie;Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner;Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore;Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth and his with musician Ben Harper.

To carry out her character, the actress met her Tocaya, in addition to other divorce lawyers."Despite empathy and good intentions, and I think Laura is an example of this, the divorce business is the business of winning for your team," said Dern in dialogue with The Hollywood Reporter.

As no less data, the scenes of the meeting room that his character has with Johansson's, are recorded in the Wasser's very office.As Vulture said it, the director would have asked permission to use that location;A jewel of the film.

"Noah asked me if I could record some scenes in our office.That wide meeting room, and the other much smaller, both are really in our offices, "said the lawyer in the interview.

It should be added that Wasser not only participated in DERN's divorce but also in the director Baumbach (hence his relationship) with ex -wife Jennifer Jason Leigh, in 2013.

The Oscars also with "little women"

In addition to getting into the skin of Nora Fanshaw, Dern accompanies the nominations of the film based on Lousia M novel.Alcott, "Little Women", Greta Gerwig tape ("Lady Bird"), where she plays the sweet lady March, the mother of the little women.

Unlike "history of a marriage", the actress travels in time to be a mother but not less empowered: she is a nurse, and assists the victims of the secession war in the United States and, while herhusband is providing services as a doctor in the army, takes care of his four daughters, besieged by the economic difficulties of his position.

While she was not nominated by that character competes with Florence Pugh one of the actresses that plays Amy March, one of her daughters in fiction.

At 52, Dern demonstrates that his career - more than 40 years in an industry that his mother wanted to prevent her - still has a lot to tell.Also winner of the Emmy, as best distribution actress in a miniseries or film for "Big Little Lies", is close to recording the following tape "Jurassic World 3".

In this way, be it with an expert lawyer in divorces or a mother, DERN arrives (with the almost insured prize) to the Oscars with two ribbons (both compete for the award for best film) who put the focus on whatShe mobilizes her: social causes.

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