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Secrets of a marriage (Scenes from a Marriage), the new version of the story of Ingmar Bergman

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The script of the influential Ingmar Bergman is an old acquaintance on television, theater and cinema for five decades.Scenes from a Marriage was the first series that Bergman directed and wrote and was a kind of continuation of two tragedies adapted to one for cinema and the other for television;The Touch, a romantic drama that he launched in 1971 and The Lie directed by Jan Molander in 1970.

The image with which the initial chapter opens, a couple sitting on a green sofa in an interview, in the new version of HBO Max, was the source of inspiration of the original story.An image of a couple that was perfect and that greatly irritated the Swedish filmmaker, to the point of knitting a story where he also spoke of people outside their own life.

The TV version and the film were successful, even won the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film in 1975.The key to success has been due to the fact of creating a story of characters that in the midst of their long and intense conversations, over time they are shown as human beings in all their complexity, allowing themselves to be seen as children's people, helpless, affectionate, affectionate,Happy and brave, but also, fearful, heartless, confused and even petty.

Hai Levi developed, co -written and directed this miniseries of five episodes that on September 12 begins to be broadcast by HBO and will also be available in HBO Max.Adapted from the aforementioned series, the script is updated with a contemporary couple in their forty years and with a daughter, who has reached the turn of reviewing and making decisions.

All the elements of the original work give to be of those stories where the characters explode and the drama is the limit of theatricality.In fact, it is curious that the opening of the chapters of the new series shows us away from behind the cameras, warning that this is a staging, but the tone changes once it is "action" and what we have is a versionvery natural and hyperrealistic of a couple who crumbles and rediscovers at the most critical moment of their lives.That first chapter (entitled “Innocence and panic) does serve as a very good opening of the tension that will be lived and does not yield.

Secretos de un matrimonio (Scenes From a Marriage), la nueva versión de la historia de Ingmar Bergman

The couple in charge of holding the series is Jessica Chastian, who plays Mira, an ambitious and safe executive of herself and Oscar Isaac, in the role of Jonathan, a professor of philosophy, cerebral and complacing.The veracity of their actions are those that end up highlighting the tone of history, which is not melodramatic, it is rather sober and distant, in an extension of the feeling of their characters to the struggle they know they are already losing.Both go through moments of emotions very different from each other with past skill.

Secrets of a marriage is not easy to see.It is one of those stories as painful and uncomfortable, that its chapter version is more appropriate to digest or, at least, reduces in something the suffocating thing that can be tone when you see it as a run as they have been able to do it at the Venice Film Festival whereIt has released.It also happens that it is inevitable not to feel compassion for any, or see themselves in the mirror of both with some situation that the series raises, and in which at some time in our own lives, we are consciously or not falling.

This story essentially focuses on these two characters and their honest and heartbreaking conversations, but without (insist) the explosion that for example has "Marriage story" by Noah Baumbach, where her characters shouted and shouted much more.Here they remain in a tense calm, in a drowning that is richer and more effective, and makes it much less visceral and reflective, distressing and leaving a bitter taste.

I do not know if this new version can actually generate surprise among those who know Bergman's work very well, but Levi with his hypermodern and moderate proposal, plus a cunning choice of the protagonist couple will undoubtedly allow Baumbach's movie by far, that thematically close to this story and that so much, so much talked about.

This will be each episode:

Episode 1 "Innocence and panic"

After a tense day of reflection and dissemination, Look and her husband Jonathan face the consequences of unexpected news.

Episode 2 "Poli"

When Mira returns from a business trip with an overwhelming revelation, she and Jonathan fight to process the complicated tremor.

Episode 3 "The Valley of Tears"

Jonathan and Mira share everything they have learned from separation, reviving old connections with the risk of exacerbating latent wounds.

Episode 4 "The illiterates"

Jonathan and Mira meet and explore the root of their connection, but finally find the source of their animal impulses.

Episode 5 "In the middle of the night, in a dark house, somewhere in the world"

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