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Baby Babies How to request Paternity Permit for sixteen weeks

Today, December 31, this fateful 2020 is finally ended and it seems that 2021 can already begin with a cheerful news, although from tomorrow, January 1, the permission or decrease in 16 weeks, of which youWe now want to offer all the details about how you can request it.

How to request the Paternity Permission of sixteen weeks

If you have had a baby, you are not only congratulations on its birth but also from tomorrow, January 1, 2021, and as planned, the paternity leave that was currently set in twelve weeks is extended until sixteen, sothat is equated for the first time on maternity leave.

In this way, parents can also request a decline that will cover about four months to take care and be with their baby and that seems to be light years of those few days that men enjoyed paternity in the past.

Recall that it was in 2007 when the permission for paternity began to take shape as we know it today.Until that year, parents only had the right to enjoy two days off for birth again, but the establishment of permission or paternity leave allowed to expand those two days to two weeks, a period in force until 2017 when it went to four and fromFrom there he could continue to grow with five weeks in 2018 and even more after the approval of the Royal Decree Law of Urgent Measures to guarantee equal treatment and opportunities between women and men in employment and occupation, in March 2019,

In this way in April 2019, those five weeks became 8 while on January 1, 2020 the parents could already request up to 12 weeks of dirty and now in 2021 they can already request those 16 weeks, but how to request that that short?.

Bebés Bebés How to request the Paternity Permission of sixteen weeks

Steps to request the decrease in 16 weeks

If you have had a baby from January 1, 2021 (or also in the case of babies or adopted children) you can request a 16 -week paternity leave, as long as you are affiliated and registered in Social Security and havecovered a 180 -day contribution period within seven years prior to the start date of said permission or, have quoted 360 days throughout your working life prior to this date.

In order to request the leave, the new father must ask the company with a Low Certificate, in which what has gained salary on its last payroll.In this way the INSS (Social Security) can calculate the amount to be paid during the low months.

Once you have the company's certificate, the worker must go to a Social Security Office (we recommend that due to the Pandemia you request an appointment as soon as possible) and there to complete the model of application for paternity provision.

Once filled, the applicant has to submit it in Social Security together with the Low Certificate issued by the company and these other documents:

How to enjoy 16 weeks paternity

Once the paternity leave has been granted, the father has to turn six weeks of compulsory leave after childbirth.The remaining ten, can be carried out in an interrupted or interrupted manner, within 12 months of delivery or depending on the judicial resolution or administrative decision for cases of adopted children.

The first six weeks will be enjoyed full -time, while the remaining ten can be divided between full or part -time, but in no case can they be yielded at weeks of maternity leave.

In the case in which the two parents decide.

Expansion of the sixteen weeks of low paternity

In certain cases this decrease of 16 weeks (both that of the mother and that of the father) can be expanded.Are these.

How much is charged in paternity decline

From the payroll of the worker, the Social Security calculates the amount charged in paternity decline, although it is always corresponding to 100% of the salary regulatory base.

When paid by Social Security, the amount of the casual.



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