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Castilla y León these are the most common surnames in Castilla y León

They identify us.They talk about our origin.Necessary for any daily management as simple as it is, the surnames are a differentiating element that accompanies us from our birth.Throughout history, its utility has been varying, to distinguish between social classes or to identify people who came from other places.

Since the ninth century, stage in which the first surnames begin to register, their evolution has been remarkable and has been varying over time.The typical patronymic of the Crown of Castile derived from the paternal name by adding to this suffixes as -ez, Oz, IZ and Az- whose meaning is interpreted since then as "son of".

But the tradition that prevails to this day, to register a newborn with the paternal surname and the maternal later, did not reach until 1889, with the creation of the First Spanish Civil Code, although it was not until the year 2,000 when theright to change their order.

Peculiarities apart, which are the most common in Castilla y León?Of all of them, one is the king: Garcia.He predominates to a greater or lesser extent - always in the first, second or third place - among the most repeated of each of the nine provinces.

By provinces

As can be seen from the data offered by the National Statistics Institute, in the province of Ávila predominate people who carry by surname Martin (whose meaning is "warm man").Derived from the name of homonym, its origin is French and refers to Mars, the Roman god of war.A total of 16,066 people share nickname in the aforementioned territory, followed by the Garcia that are 13,693 and thirdly, the Jiménez, with 12,259 inhabitants who share this nickname.

Castilla y León Estos son los apellidos más comunes en Castilla y León

In the province of Burgos the first position of this ranking with centuries of history is for the Garcia, since the INE recorded this year a total of 17,653 people with the popular last name, the most numerous not only in Castilla y León, also from Spain.

Before arriving in Castilla y León it was in Navarra where Garcia was used for the first time.Of Germanic origin, it means "Prince of Agraly View" and is today the most numerous by far.They are followed in the Burgian province González and Martínez with 13,737 and 11,670 people registered with those historic nicknames.

León is Fernández's territory, with 35,757 who attends to that surname is undoubtedly the most numerous in the province, followed by the Garcia (33,606) and the González (28,927).Of Visigoth origin, Fernández, means "son or descendant of Fernando" and is with Garcia and González one of the most common surnames in the region.

In Palencia, the Garcia predominate with 9,749 people and it is the González and Fernández, who follow him in the ranking of the most common in the area with 6,730 and 5,757 people registered with those nicknames.

In the case of Salamanca, Sánchez is crowned as the king because 31,500 people identify with him.Martín and García also have a remarkable presence with 28,442 and 28,190 people with that identity.Sánchez Another examples of patronymic surnames derived from Sancho, a first name that arrived in Spain in the Middle Ages thanks to the Romans and that spread rapidly throughout the territory.

The Garcia remain in the first position of people with such a last name in the province of Segovia, a total of 10,630 according to the National Statistics Institute, followed by the Martín (4,354) and the Sanz (2,474).The latter, Sanz, is of Spanish origin, a patronymic nickname that like Sanchez, derives from the own name Sancho;In this case widespread in the region, Spain and Latin America.

In the province of Soria, the last name García shares with the Martínez the position of the most widespread in the area, since a total of 4,354 people respond to it, identical figure for both, followed by the Sanz, with 2,474 registered.

Valladolid is García area, Super in Number to Martín (15,582) or González (15,128);The second and third most common surname.With 21,305 people who are born Garcia, the INE collects the evidence of the most common last name of our country.

Finally, in Zamora the most numerous are the Rodriguez - which derives from Rodrigo "Rico de Gloria or Poderoso for his fame" - with a population of 10,417 people.This common nickname is followed by the Fernández and the Garcia with 9,969 and 9,341 registered in the databases of the National Statistics Institute.

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