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Guillermo Dávila asks Basque Madueño for forgiveness and reveals that he underwent DNA proof

Through a statement Guillermo Dávila spoke about the delay of almost two decades to perform a paternity test to recognize Basque Madueño.With the return of the Venezuelan singer -songwriter to Peru because.

On June 2, Vasco Madueño appeared at "Magaly TV: the firm" to talk about the man who took to recognize him as a son.“When I turned 18, I always look for me, always with third parties, to come and want to fix things.[…] I opened my arms to see us, be together.But time passed and nothing was completed, ”he confessed.

During the young man's 19 years, Guillermo Dávila refused to undergo a DNA test to recognize him and now assumes his mistake with an official pronouncement from his social networks."I want to tell you that I was wrong.I waited a lot to make this decision, ”he starts in his message.

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"During these last years, Basque and we had some opportunities to communicate, always under the hope of opening or closing a story," he said and adds that, at the beginning of May 2021, he came to the country with a pending debt: "Talk withBasque to finally establish a relationship, where trust was born and we could perform the DNA test ”.

Guillermo Dávila asks forgiveness a Vasco Madueño y revela que se sometió a prueba de ADN

Guillermo Dávila says he wrote to Vasco Madueño to give him a date of a possible meeting, but did not get a confirmation: “In the absence of response, on May 19, I decided to advance with the DNA process.They took the blood samples [...] leaving everything coordinated so that the same procedure would be carried out, when he decided ”.

Guillermo Dávila asks forgiveness

Finally, the interpreter Guillermo Dávila apologized to Vasco Madueño, after 19 years without accepting a DNA test to recognize his paternity.He adds that he respects the decision of the young musician about the future of a “friendship” relationship that may arise between the two.

“Basque, discourage me for all this time and I understand your silence.I will respect the decision you make and I hope we can end an unfinished story and give life to a friendship or one that feeds on other feelings that perhaps were postponed for years, ”concluded the new coach of“ La Voz Peru ”in its statement.

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