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Labor Labor doubts and responses during Coronavirus era

As I grew up with latlevisión, the phrase of "We were speaking of what they told us for the transistor" when the people told us how they lived certain historical events sounded old..To old and beautiful.Now the information is received by multiple media (radio, internet, demensajía applications, TV....).And this is leading to the information very diverse and sometimes confusing.To top it up for lawyers we like to give accurate information but this time it costs to give it so it seems that it will change and what comes to us are rumors, drafts or intuitions.

Even at the risk of these letters to expire in a matter of hours, when a decree of social measures is approved, we are going to write about a series of issues that are asking us in relation to work athema.We do it at 5 pm on Saturday, March 14, we must update it.

👉⛱ Can you force me to atom vacation?

Legal would.Article 38.2 of the statut of the workers hope that “the period or periods of their enjoyment will be established by common agreement between the employer and the worker, in accordance with the provisions of his case in the collective agreements annual overplanification of the holidays”.That is, you have to agree between the parties, not impose.

In addition, as workers we have the right to a two -month -old notice.

Likewise, the same article adds that “I spend disagreement between the parties, the competent jurisdiction will confine the date that corresponds to the enjoyment and its decision will be irre”.The proceedings shall be summary and preferred".

Words words, if the businessman says yes or yes you have to cover the holidays (or part of them) at this time, you can go to the social jurisdiction, which will decide a fair decision or not.Taking into account that most we confine ourselves in our homes, in quarantine, without going out to enjoy our free time as we do, the logical thing would be that the judge on duty determined that the ease of imposing the holidays in full pandemic is not adjusted right.Especially when the courts themselves have decided to suspend their non -urgent activity.

Thoseí, it is important to know that we have the duty to obey Alempresario although we demand.Then the judge will prove us right if Elempresario has given an illegal order.But it is important to obey it until then because if we disobey they could say goodbye in a process.

💻 Can I impose the work in front of my boss?Can the company force me to work?

It seems that the draft that has leaked says the following:

Article8.Containment measures in the workplace

Employers, both public and private, will be obliged to facilitate measures that allow the labor or official benefit of employees for non -face -to -face media as long as this is possible.

Siel text confirms what appears to be is that it is the employer who has the obligation to facilitate.The worker may choose to have it or not.

So far any modification of normal working conditions, such as the face of the face -to -face work to teleworking, must be agreed by Elemprear and the worker (or, where appropriate, with the representatives of the workers).It cannot be imposed by any of the parties.And, by the way, working at home all pre -existing rights are maintained in terms of schedule, rest, control of drives, etc..

With this writing of therd (provided it is confirmed) the above changed and becomes an object of the entrepreneur to offer the teleworking whenever it is posposible.

⛔️ Can I deny going to my job if the company forces me?

Inprinciple no, unless it is considered that there is an imminent situation for the health of workers.ELARTICLE twenty-one.2 of Laley of Occupational Risk Prevention It is known that "the Trader will have the right to interrupt her activity and abandon the work of work, if necessary, when she considers that said activity involves a serious and imminent risk for her life or souvenir".

In the case of a worldwide pandemic as the current one could discuss the workers to go to their job.If someone intends to disobey their bosses and refuse to access their work, we recommend sending some type of communication to the company (ideally it would be a bureaux, but the offices of emails are currently closed, given the state of alarmadecreated) making the businessman know that he does notWork will move for fear of suffering a serious risk to your health and made available to work from home.If the businessmanotoma any kind of retaliation (dismissal, imposition of sanction, discount the salary day, etc..) We recommend demanding the company and deciding a social judge if the absence was found or not.

😷 Should I give me the company necessary to telework?

In principle, yes.You have perfectly not having a computer, or the necessary equipment to work, at home.However, by virtue of the agreement to be between the worker (or workers) and the company, spooky that they may make available to the algunntipo employer of material or personal equipment during this stage.For example, if you have a personal laptop you can offer your boss to use it for home and thus facilitate the pact.

❓ Can you make me?What would the procedure be like?

Just say that theertes, temporary employment regulation file, are cousins of the you are.As relatives who are shared a procedure that is very regulated and that has some complexity that we are not going to expose in detail.What is important is to know that they require negotiation and requirements that are required that.

Given the tanextraordinary situation that is taking place, and patron unions have gathered.They have requested that these requirements be flexible and it is foreseeable that it will be done.At the moment in which they produce we will report because it will be very important, since it can be one of the majority solutions for those who opt for companies.

🆘 What to do if you mediate these days?

Well, it seems that the deadlines to challenge the dismissal will be suspended.These are twenty days (not counting holidays, Saturdays and Sundays).

What we recommend so much if they are suspended as if they do not contact a lawyer to inform you of the situation and prepare the demand.

Preguntas y respuestas para las empleadas del hogar ante un decreto que no las contempla
Redacción El Salto109

The absence of labor rights of domestic workers, who still can abide.The Association of Free Lawyers and Lawyers (wing) has worked a document that answers some of the questions of this group before the COVID19 crisis.

___________ Labor Consultancy


1. Good, trabajo en un centro de menores con alta conflictividad y soy diabético. El centro está conveniado con la Junta de Andalucía pero nos contrata una asociación. El día 13/3 la Junta publicó un documento donde define los grupos de riesgo. Diabéticos incluidos, ¿podría negarme a ir a mi puesto de trabajo?Recibimos muchas consultas de personas que se encuentran en grupos de riesgos (como las inmunodeprimidas o diabéticas). Estas personas pueden pedir a la empresa que tomen las medidas previstas en el artículo twenty-one de la Ley de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales que habla de los trabajadores que puedan estarexpuestos a un riesgo grave e inminente con ocasión de su trabajo. En esa situación el empresario estará obligado a —informarde las medidas adoptadas o que, en su caso, deban adoptarse en materia de protección.

—Adopt the measures and give the necessary instructions so that, in case of serious, imminent and inevitable danger, workers can interrupt their activity and, if necessary, immediately abandon the workplace.In this case, workers who resume their activity cannot be required while the danger persists, unless exception properly justified for security reasons.

Dudas y respuestas laborales en época de coronavirus

The article says that the worker will have the right to interrupt his activity and abandon the workplace, if necessary, when he considers that such activity involves a serious and imminent risk for his life or his health.The danger is that, if it is not a serious and imminent risk, the job will be abandoned without cause.It would be last the judge who decided whether the abandonment was justified or not.In favor of the worker he plays the fact that the law says that workers or their representatives may not suffer any damage derived from the adoption of the measures referred to in the previous sections, unless they had worked in bad faith or committed serious negligence.The legal representatives of the workers can agree, by majority of their members, the paralysis of the activity of the workers affected by the risk.Such agreement will be immediately communicated to the company and the labor authority, which, within 24 hours, will cancel or ratify the agreed paralysis.

2. Pedí mis vacaciones para la segunda de marzo. Y ahora se declara pandemia y cuarentena obligatoria por diez días. ¿Se suspenden mis vacaciones?

On whether you had vacations and before enjoying them, the alarm status has arrived, applying the regime of temporary disabilities, if the company continues with its activity, the holidays must be enjoyed and, therefore, account for the total annual total annual.If the company makes an ERTE, the contract is suspended, so the period does not count as vacation.

3.Hello, I work in a window profile company.If they do not provide gloves, masks, etc..Can I refuse to work?My wife is asthmatic.Thank you.

Hello.In principle everything seems to indicate that you could deny yourself, since they do not provide security measures and coexists with a person who is part of a risk group.As we say in the text, article twenty-one.2 of the Occupational Risk Prevention Law establishes that “the worker will have the right to interrupt his activity and abandon the workplace, if necessary, when he considers that such activity involves a serious and imminent risk for his life or his health”.So, if you consider that you are at risk, you should formally communicate to the company that you are not going to go for this reason (in writing, that you can later prove that you have said it), unless the company can guarantee your safety with optimal measures.Of course, the law is not mathematics, and the company may not match your risk assessment and sanction or say goodbye (in which case you would have to sue the company because you had a cause of justification for absenteeism).If a judge considers that your absence was not justified, the reprisal of the company would remain.In short, we believe that your absence would be justified but you must be aware that you run a certain risk of being fired if you decide not to go to your job.

4.I have to renew the subsidy on the twentyth, they are closed.How do I not take it off?I have two children and I live that help.

As reported by the Employment Office, you will proceed to renew all employment demands ex officio.They will send you to your email the demand for job sealed with the next date you will have to renew.

5. Trabajo en dos sitios: a uno no puedo asistir porque estoy en una de las ciudades confinadas, pero al otro sí porque lo hacemos en la misma ciudad y de forma telemática. ¿Me pueden obligar a recuperar las horas en la otra faena? ¿No puedo coger la baja solamente en una de las faenas, ya que esto es un caso excepcional?Thank you.

If you enter into a situation of temporary disability you will do it for both companies.Regarding the recovery of the hours, the collective agreement or, failing that, the agreement between the company and the representatives of the workers, since the irregular distribution of the day throughout the year can be established throughout the year.In the absence of a pact, the company can distribute irregularly throughout the year 10% of the work day.Of course, there must be a minimum notice of 5 days.

6. Soy empleada de hogar por horas con contrato. Mi jefe me ha dicho que por prevención del coronavirus no vaya a trabajar. El sueldo me lo paga. Pero cuando pase esto tengo que recuperar todas esas horas. ¿Eso es legal? Si me niego ¿me puede despedir?Thank you.

In the short term, the most practical thing is to accept what the employer says, for not losing your source of income, and if possible, leave some written record that you do not have to work these days (even for WhatsApp).On whether it will be mandatory to recover those hours or not, it will be necessary to see if the package of social measures approved by the Government this week resolves it or not.If not, the collective agreement or, failing that, the agreement between the company and the workers' representatives, since the irregular distribution of the day throughout the year can be established, because.In the absence of a pact, the company can distribute irregularly throughout the year 10% of the work day.Of course, there must be a minimum notice of 5 days.

7. Hello vivo en proyecto que todavía está en construcción y veo trabajadores por todos lados en corrillos... deberían protegerse y protegernos ¿qué debe hacer la constructora?

They have to protect themselves in their own interest.The concrete way is escaped, the Delegate for Occupational Risk Prevention and Health Authorities must determine.

8. Trabajo de empleada doméstica cama dentro, tengo que tomar trasporte público para venir a laburar... Quiero saber si tengo que hacer la cuarentena o eso depende ya de mi jefe...

In principle, as in your case, teleworking is not possible, you must go to the home to provide your services, unless there is some infected person or in preventive isolation.All this, of course, regardless of the measures that your employer can adopt and that must communicate you.

9.If they do an ERTE, do you mean that they will pay us even if it is 75% salary this month or is it for the next one?And, more or less why have I not left?When would we be supposed to enter?

They must pay you from the month in which they do it but the entry into account is postponed, because the SEPE has to process it.It would normally be on the 10s of the following month but it depends on how saturated they are.

10.I am on maternity leave but on March 17 I end and they have told me that they will say goodbye and they send me to unemployment.That I have to do?

In case of dismissal we recommend that they go to a lawyer because it is a delicate situation and in a large number of cases we must claim.

eleven.Hello I have a child with disabilities and respiratory problems, I work in a food store...Can I stay with him at home?Or how can it be done?

The right is not mathematics and it is difficult to give you a very precise response, but, first, keep in mind that unless you reach an agreement with the company so that you do not go to work (unpaid permission, vacations, etc..), you are obliged to continue going to the work center.Only for serious danger to your health you could refuse to work, but this would be an applicable exception in very few cases.You could communicate an leave due to children's care, scheduled in art.46.3 of the Workers' Statute.Since in your agreement there is no period of notice, in principle it would be enough to communicate that as of tomorrow you will enjoy your leave for children's care.You would have to send a writing by communicating your decision, specifying the start and end date (it could be extended).They could ask for some documentation that accredits it.When I finished, you could join your job.If you have more doubts, ask us for a consultation in info@red-juridica.COMMUNE GREETING AND LUCK

12.I am low and I have to renew the part but there are no consultations for the coronavirus. ¿Qué hago?Thank you

The Public State Employment Service (SEPE) has announced that face -to -face consultations are suspended, that the deadlines for requesting unemployment and that opens options to contact Telematics are canceled.

13.Good, my husband just sent a message that they have fired them all (direct dismissal) have told them, and they have been told that the settlement and vacation have to pay them the State.Can this be done?He works in hospitality, as a waiter, none of them were fixed.Thank you y a espera de su respuesta.And thanks for keeping us currently informed.

Any dismissal communication must be done in writing and specifying the reason.If it has not been so, written communication should be sent to the company similar to this: “On March XX, my dismissal has proven verbally.I request that I confirm in writing the decision to proceed to my dismissal within 24 hours, as well as to give me the timely documentation to request unemployment benefit ”.As for payroll, extra pays and vacations, the company must pay it.Otherwise, it could be claimed, demanding the company.

14.Hello, my situation is as follows: I was unemployed 10 days ago, on March 6, twentytwenty.Although within 15 days to be able to register as a job seeker and, in turn, activate the unemployment subsidy, now I have neither one thing nor the other.I have tried to get in telephone contact with the SEPE, but it is impossible.In the end, I have sent a form through its website, which I do not know if you will get to someone and if you will answer me, how does this affect me and how should you act?Thank you very much!

Unemployment benefit questions are difficult to answer right now, since the regulations are pending reforms.At this time the application deadlines are suspended, so you should not have a problem with this.In principle, the form that you have submitted telematically is valid as a request and you should receive response at some time.Cheers.

15. Hello, estoy de baja por maternidad hasta el 12 de abril, luego pedí la lactancia. Si la situación de alarma se alarga ¿la empresa tendría que comunicarme algo?

It depends on the concrete circumstances of the company and your job, the company should communicate what proceeds, depending on the measures it adopts.

16. El viernes, vía Whatsapp, la empresa nos comunica que para evitar un ERTE, nos obliga a partir turnos. Es decir, yo trabajo esta semana y la que viene me obligan a coger vacaciones... ¿Es esto legal? Entendiendo que no van a ser vacaciones, pues no se puede salir de casa. ¿Hasta que punto me resulta mejor esto que un ERTE? Muchas gracias.

That order is illegal.To be able to leave the shifts you would have to express your compliance or, if the businessman wants to do it unilaterally, he would have to resort to a special procedure that seems that he has not done.I mean, the decision must be obeyed but it could be used after.However, if you have family conciliation problems we recommend that you consult a lawyer to act and claim as soon as possible.

17. Hello, mi empresa piensa hacer un erte, hoy me he pedido tele trabajar dado que mi trabajo se puede hacer a distancia, soy asmática crónica —de hecho, estuve de baja en enero por la gripe, el asma y pulmonía— y, al estar embarazada, todo se ha complicado. Me comentaron que, dada mi situación, mi jefe había pedido que me metieran en el erte. ¿Es esto legal? ¿Me pueden despedir porque estoy tele trabajando y por estar embarazada?Thank you

Good.First, an ERTE is not a dismissal, it is a temporary suspension of the contract.We explain it here.Secondly, you cannot be included in ERT for causes of discrimination (such as pregnancy, for example).The ERTE has to be initiated due to force majeure, because there is no choice, and must include workers who cannot exercise their functions for those reasons of force majeure, not those who please please the company for discriminatory reasons.

18. Hello, soy autónoma agrícola. Tengo en cuarentena mi zona, pero las plantas del invernadero tengo que atenderlas y recoger su fruto. Tengo 2 niños sin colegio, ¿puedo llevarlos aunque esté la prohibición de desplazamiento de los niños? Soy madre soltera y mis padres y suegros viven a más de 40 kilómetros de mi casa e invernadero. Si me pillan con ellos en el coche desplazándome al lugar de trabajo ¿podrían multarme?

In principle the displacements are to go to work and should be done individually.The whether or not they will fine you in case they get caught more on the agent of the concrete authority that stops you...

19.I work as a computer technician, I move to companies and individuals.Today, in a routine control, they tell me that I have to carry an authorization or a role of the Treasury or my manager.What role do I have to carry or request?

It is advisable to carry some documentation that proves the work you do.In theory, you are able to demonstrate that you are working, the sanction does not proceed.It is best to do it when you meet the agent of the authority and thus avoid having to resort if the agent proceed to report you.

twenty. Good tardes, trabajo en una empresa y un compañero cercano ha dado positivo en coronavirus.Until yesterday they put gloves and mask.Yesterday our boss finally told us in relation to the subject and he has told us that whoever feels bad does not go and the others will continue to go despite the fear, anguish we have to continue exposing us.We can do something?

If you value that in your workplace you are exposed to a risk situation or put other people at risk for not being guaranteed security measures against the infection of COVID-19, you can refuse to go to work by communicating it in writing.Here more information.

twenty-one.The hairdressers, feedback...Must open?If they do not provide us with masks, gloves, gel should we go?

The president of the Government has said today that hairdressing services can only be carried out at home.The intention is to be able to attend dependent people. Por supuesto, si no se garantizan las condiciones de seguridad ante una actividad que requiere contacto físico (guantes como mínimo), el trabajador puede negarse a ir invocando el artículo twenty-one de la Ley de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales.More information here.

22. Good tardes.I have seen that you are attending some work doubts about Covid.I have a job where we deplaced eight people in an off -road car, since we are temporary and work in the field.We spend the day away from home and eat and have lunch inside the car, of course without respecting the distance between us.Nor are we available means to maintain basic hygiene standards.Is it possible to continue developing this work activity?Thank you very much for attending my message.If you do not answer, I will understand that they are saturated.Thank you otra vez

If you value that in your workplace you are exposed to a risk situation or put other people at risk for not being guaranteed security measures against the infection of COVID-19, you can refuse to go to work by communicating it in writing.Before doing it, and since you expose yourself to sanctions, we recommend that you consult a lawyer.Here more information.

23. ¿Las empresas de construcción no dejan de trabajar en estado de alarma?

No, since it is not an activity for the public, it is not necessary to close.The entrepreneur must ensure by guaranteeing the necessary measures to avoid the spread of his workers, but the tasks continue to decide otherwise.

24. Hello estoy en el paro pero se me termina en este mes de marzo. Tengo paro acumulado anteriores pero tendría que haber trabajado nuevamente para activarlo, pero ahora con esta situación no hay trabajo. Mi pregunta es ¿qué va a pasar con uno? Seguiremos cobrando el paro o no?

Hello, at this time no measure has been approved that modifies unemployment benefits in force.Therefore, if the benefit is over, you could request the unemployment subsidy if you meet the requirements for this.You can see the requirements to collect unemployment or RAI subsidy in the following link.All the best

25. Hello, estoy contratada de mes a mes por una ett en una empresa, llevamos desde el viernes sin ir ya que conseguimos cerrar Renault. Ahora estamos dados de alta todo el mes sin ingresos... Y dicen que si anulan el contrato no tenemos derecho a solicitar la prestación por ley... A no ser que cambien la normativa. ¿Podéis informarme?

Hello, for what we tell us, we understand that you are still registered in Social Security.If this is so, the company has not ended your contract, so it is likely that in the next few days it will make an errte.This ERTE could be with the effect of the time of the statement of the alarm state and, in that case, you could request unemployment benefit from that date.

26. Cheers. Tenemos dos niñas pequeñas y mi mujer acaba de coger el coronavirus. Yo trabajo parte de la tarde y toda la noche, y, claro, no tengo a quién dejarle mis hijas. ¿Qué puedo hacer en estos casos? Mi trabajo es como vigilante y el turno que tengo no lo puede hacer cualquiera.

As agreed in the last Royal Decree of March 10, in order to protect public health, they will be considered, with an exceptional basis, a situation assimilated to an accident at work, exclusively for the economic benefit of temporary disability of the Social Security System, those whoIsolation or infection periods of working people caused by the COVID-19 virus.This exceptional benefit will be determined by the low isolation and the corresponding high.The date of the causative fact will be the date on which the worker isolation or disease is agreed.

27. Good, a ver, comento. Yo trabajo de limpiadora, más concretamente limpio baños y zonas comunes de siete plantas. Hace un mes que comenzó todo esto y mi encargada no me ha dado instrucciones ni nada al respecto. Llevo guantes de un uso y mascarilla porque los he comprado yo. Le he pedido de ambas cosas y me dice que no, que use los guantes de estos gordos de fregar los platos que son de un mes porque como uso lejía eso los “desinfecta”. Y mascarilla tampoco me da porque solo la llevan los médicos y los que ya están enfermos. ¿Eso es así? ¿No tienen obligación de darnos el material adecuado o si que deberían?

The company is obliged to facilitate the necessary means to guarantee your job safety.In case values that in your work center are exposed to a risk situation or put other people at risk because security measures are not guaranteed against the infection of COVID-19, you can refuse to go to work communicating it in writing.That if, to the extent that the company can try to impose a sanction for not going to your work, we recommend that you consult your specific case with a lawyerHere more information https://abogadas.COOP/DEBO-A-I-A-WORK-SI-NO-STAN-GARED-THEM-MEASURED-SEGURITY/

28. Hello, trabajo en una empresa de destrucción de documentos, como transportista. Básicamente recojo papel a empresas. Me he negado a salir a trabajar con la furgoneta para no poner en riesgo mi salud y la de otros, dado que considero que recoger papel no es un bien de primera necesidad. ¿ Pueden tomar represalias?

We understand that you have communicated it in writing, because you consider that you are exposed to a risk situation or put other people at risk because security measures are not guaranteed against the infection of COVID-19.Of course, the company could sanction you for denying you to go to your job if you do not share these reasons, so we recommend that you consult your specific case to a lawyer.

29. Se me cumple mi contrato de 6 meses la semana que viene y no me renuevan. Sé que tengo derecho a paro pero mi pregunta es: el gobierno expone que dará paro que no será descontado a la persona de su cotización a las empresas que hagan ERTE a sus empleados pero ¿a la gente que le cumple el contrato y deciden no renovarlo sin mas? ¿Cuales son los derechos?

For now the agreed measures regarding the non -requirement of the price time are limited to the workers affected by ERTES.

30.They have fired me for the Coronavirus, but without making an ERTE, can I have unemployment equally?

It depends on the time you have quoted and if you meet the legally established requirements. For now the agreed measures regarding the non -requirement of the price time are limited to the workers affected by ERTES.

31.I work in a hospital, can I refuse to enter a room with patients with Coronavirus and I have no protection?

The company is required to facilitate the necessary means to guarantee your job security.In case values that in your work center are exposed to a risk situation or put other people at risk because security measures are not guaranteed against the infection of COVID-19, you can refuse to go to work communicating it in writing.That if, to the extent that the company can try to impose a sanction for not going to your work, we recommend that you consult your specific case with a lawyer.Here more information.

32. Good tardes, quería saber si alguien me podría ayudar con el problema en el que me encuentro. Mañana tenía que operarme pero me han llamado para decirme que no me van a operar por la situación crítica de los hospitales que hay ahora mismo. Hasta allí llego. Mi pregunta es: tengo la baja hasta mañana y hoy tenía cita con mi médico pero no me han dejado entrar y hablar con él.That I have to do? Porque mi empresa no han cerrado. Yo no estoy en condiciones de ir a trabajar.Thank you y un saludo.

Hello.If you are high, you would be obliged to go to work.You have to contact your health center to give you the Low.If not, and if you have accumulated vacations, you could negotiate with the company to start enjoying them now and you don't have to join.All the best.

33. Mi abuela esta ingresada con neumonía, mi madre y mi hermana están muy mal, son posibles casos de coronavirus y yo fui a urgencias desde mi trabajo por no encontrarme bien y, cuando le envío la baja mi jefe, me responde que me ha rescindido de mi trabajo y que me llegará un burofax. ¿Tenia derecho a hacerlo o es común en estos días esa situación?Thank you

In this case, everything indicates that they have done an inadmissible dismissal because there seems to be no cause for it and because they have not communicated by letter the dismissal.We recommend you contact a lawyer to claim.

34. Hace un mes causé baja voluntaria en mi trabajo y el lunes pasado empecé a trabajar en otro lugar con un contrato por obra y servicio.Tenía un mes de prueba y sé que, al haber dejado el otro trabajo, en el caso de echarme no me correspondería paro, pero esta situación es un tanto peculiar.¿Hay alguna opción de optar a él? Al resto de mis compañeras le harán un erte. Pero a las que todavía estemos en el mes de prueba, es comprensible que nos vayan a despedir. Nos han dicho que tratarían de hacer lo mejor para cada una de nosotras, estudiando caso por caso. ¿Qué es lo mejor para mi? Llevo cotizando desde twenty12. ¿Fin se obra y servicio?

The SEPE requires that a period of three months have elapsed since the extinction of the previous employment relationship and it would have been due to any of the legal assumptions.The preferable in your case is for the company to incorporate you into the ERTE.



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