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Baby Babies Ecological Clothes and Children: Benefits and what fabrics choose

Sustainable fashion has become an alternative to conventional clothes, which is increasingly used for female and male fashion, but has also become a cornerstone in the children's fashion sector.The best brands are making an important change in the production of clothing for the littleto children with recycled fabrics and ecological clothing from the moment they are born.

Ecological clothes and children: benefits and what fabrics choose

Our little ones, from the first days of life, need adequate attention that must also be based on the fabrics that we choose to dress them.When choosing synthetic fabrics or artificial fibers we put our children in some risks that can also be quite serious for their health.We talk about allergies and dermatitis that, however, in some cases they can become dangerous allergic reactions that could cause serious damage to our children.

When opting for sustainable clothes, we will surely choose the best, since we are talking about products made with plant -source fabrics.This can make a difference in the health of our children thus avoiding the risk of exposure to contact with harmful or irritating substances.

Bebés Bebés Ropa ecológica y niños: Beneficios y qué tejidos elegir

And among the fabrics we can choose, they stand out:

Organic cotton

The most sustainable fabric used for the manufacture of baby products is, without a doubt, organic cotton.It is a fabric that is manufactured exclusively without the use of pesticides that pollute water and can cause allergies to our children.

Organic cotton has particularly soft fibers and is hypoallergenic and breathable, thus avoiding dermatitis and eczema.This aspect is fundamental since the skin of children, being thinner, more easily absorbs the substances with which it comes into contact.

In addition, organic cotton is more resistant to continuous washing and, therefore, is perfect for the garments of the little ones that require closed washing cycles.

Organic silk

The same goes for the organic silk that occurs without the use of chemicals or treatments based on pesticides, synthetic and insecticide fertilizers.Organic silk occurs leaving the free silk worms to live until the end of their life.It is a very fine fabric, especially for the little ones.It is fresh to touch, light, breathable and hypoallergenic.

The bamboo

En los últimos años, la fibra de bambú también se ha utilizado para la producción de tejidos biológicos para niños. The bamboo, a través de diferentes técnicas de procesamiento, permite obtener una fibra con la que se obtienen tejidos suaves, delicados y sedosos. Además, son productos hipoalergénicos, antibacterianos y antifúngicos, un poco como el algodón.



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