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Carrefour and Alcampo: what second-hand clothes they sell and at what prices

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The large hypermarket chains are launching the sale of second-hand textile products. The pilot initiatives carried out in Madrid and Barcelona offer clothes from three euros

Carrefour's first project to sell second-hand clothing in Spain meets the mark. Since last summer, two corners in its centers in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​managed in collaboration with Patapam, have sold more than 4,000 garments.

This bet, which could rival digital platforms such as Vinted, also has to be measured against the offer launched in recent months in the Alcampo hypermarkets. The Auchan group company offers a very broad catalog of recovered clothing, categorized into 750 products, in conjunction with Moda re-, a social initiative promoted by Cáritas Diocesana.

What kind of second-hand clothes are for sale in hypermarkets?

Carrefour markets baby, children's, women's and men's clothing. All of them have been previously reviewed to ensure that they meet all hygiene and safety requirements before going on sale again.

Where does the clothing come from?

The Cáritas Diocesana y Alcampo project has 36 clothing reception plants in Spain and 3 treatment plants located in Bilbao, Valencia and Barcelona, ​​where garments are prepared for reuse or recycling.

What revision is made to the product before its sale?

Carrefour y Alcampo: qué ropa de segunda mano venden y a qué precios

All the garments sold have previously gone through a review process in which it is previously ensured that they meet all hygiene and safety requirements. Thus, all of them have also had ozone applied to guarantee their maximum hygiene.

What is the price of second-hand clothes sold in large stores?

The clothes on sale are of all kinds: summer clothes, winter clothes, pants, t-shirts, sweaters, boots, sweatshirts, etc. So the catalog that any user can find is quite extensive. In the case of Alcampo, it has a varied assortment with prices ranging from 3 to 30 euros.

Can you buy clothes online?

No, these garments are not sold online and the only points of sale available are the physical establishments in Madrid and Barcelona where the clothing corners have been located. However, this commercial bet will extend throughout the national network of the two distribution chains.

What percentage of textile sales is marketed in large stores?

The sale of clothing is one of the big businesses for supermarkets in Spain. They continue with an upward trend in the case of new clothes. While in 2001 the market share was 15.5%, today it already exceeds 28.2%.

On the other hand, the big cake for sales in the future may also lie in recycling and sustainability programs. As well as in subscription models. Only 10 years ago second-hand clothing represented 3% of sales in the market, but some experts in the sector predict 2028 with 13%. It can thus surpass fast fashion.

What is The Fashion Pact?

Fue un acuerdo que se firmó en 2019 entre las principales marcas del sector textil para reducir el impacto de la moda en el ambiente. Entre las grandes cadenas participantes destacan Inditex, El Corte Inglés, Mango, Tendam, Desigual, Adidas, Chanel, Gap, H&M,Nike oCarreforur, entre otras firmas. En este caso, el proyecto se centra en la producción de moda a estrenar, pero también cuenta con diferentes derivadas centradas en la economía circular y el reciclaje textil.

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