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Dog saves 10 -year -old girl by giving her heat in a snowstorm

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The little girl was exposed to a temperature of -11 ° C and was found 18 hours after being reported as lost.


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Four -leg heroes do exist.This was evidenced in Russia, where a street dog gave heat to a 10 -year -old girl who was loss for 18 hours in a snowstorm to keep her alive.The little girl would have lost back home when she just left school in Uglegorsk.However, so much was the mist that was impossible to return home.The mother, noticing that the child did not return, decided to call the police authorities to try to locate her with a group of volunteers.

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It was the alert of a neighbor who helped to expedite the investigation by looking at a girl who was playing with a dog on the street in a town near a shelter.Given the aforementioned, the mother suspected that it could be her due to her great love for animals.

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The police went to the place and could find her hugged next to the dog she was playing with.Fortunately, the little girl was dressed in proper win.

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Many volunteers stressed that it was almost a miracle that the girl could face the night with that climate, but since the animal did not separate from it at any moment, that mutual heat was the one that allowed the child to be kept safe.After what happened the girl was taken to the hospital to require medical care.

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