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Retro wink in the purple and white shirt for the 2021-22 season


ICT TAC, ICT TAC, ... at 7:28 p.m., not even one more minute to coincide with the year of the club's foundation, the most anticipated moment came by fans, also for marketing managers . The Real Valladolid first kit for the 2021-22 season has already come to light. Seconds later, the debate on social networks had already been installed to satisfy hundreds of users willing to compare with the equipment of previous years.

The color, of course, the most anticipated detail and the most commented. The equipment recovers a certain aroma of the traditional club of the club and, above all, its essence: the purple. Adidas, without a doubt by indication of the club, has been sensitive with the discomfort created by the equipment two seasons ago and rescues the colors that are most identified with the history of Real Valladolid.


The shirt has retro inspiration in its stripes, neck and details, and as noted from the brand «The garment has aeroready technology and hexagons to improve moisture absorption, increase the rapidity for evaporate sweat, be more elastic and favor microentilation ». In addition, it combines high-performance recycled materials.

When it comes to marketing, nothing is left to chance and of course neither are the chosen models that appear in the promotional images. The youth player Kike Pérez appears, two veterans identified with the club as Kiko Olivas and Óscar Plano, San Emeterio and Janko and, above all, the scorer called to give great evenings this year as Shon Weissman.

The club informs that this first kit can be purchased in a pre-sale process in the online store, and as of this Friday, July 16, it can be purchased in the physical store located at number 6, Calle Héroes de Alcántara. The pre-sale will last until July 22 and the kits will be sent within 24 hours from the 23rd, without shipping costs, which are assumed by the club itself. In addition, as of July 23 you can also buy physically at the official store.

Guiño retro en la camiseta blanquivioleta de la Season 2021-22 >

It is not confirmed that the first team will use this kit in their first friend in Tordesillas.

Gallery.This was the Real Valladolid kits in previous years

History of kits

In a matter of uniforms, it is the third shirt that has been presented in the Ronaldo era, since the Brazilian landed in Valladolid in August 2018 with the league started and the kits presented in July. It was that campaign, 2018-19, the last that the Hummel brand dressed the blanquivioleta club since when Ronaldo Názario arrived he broke with German sportswear - there was one year left on his contract - to sign a new contract with Adidas. This operation was surprising because of the link that unites the Brazilian star with Nike, the only life contract with Michael Jordan, but not because he chose Real Valladolid, whom he already dressed in the 80s. The four-year contract signed with this German multinational duration, expires in 2023.

This agreement with Adidas as official technical sponsor is not only limited to the first team but also includes the entire academy as well as the representative of LaLiga Genuine, Real ValladoliDI, veterans and the club's schools.

The new sportswear brand did not get off to a good start, which in its first design not only hit the bone but also caused a large earthquake among the fans. By magic, the purple/violet that has been a banner elevated to the category of religion among the social mass of the club disappeared. It has never ceased to be the white-violet team – originally it was called purple-white – and the blue with which Adidas stood out raised dust in the Zorrilla stands. The debate among the fans lasted throughout the preseason and a good part of the championship with the fans divided and always faithful to the original colors.

The completely white back raised blisters among the fans for a shirt, very similar at that time to the usual one worn by Real, which in turn incorporated red trims both on the sleeve and on the neck. The material, yes, adhered to the latest 'climalite' technology, which expels sweat from the skin as the effort and heat increase.

There have been several and varied experiments in second kits throughout its 93-year history, but the starting uniform had always respected purple as the official color. The excuse then was that the German brand does not modify patterns in its first year of service, and that it subsequently adapts to the range of colors with which it works. He did have a nod to the fans by incorporating the legend '¡Aúpa Pucela!' as a detail and, above all, by incorporating for the first time in the club's history a feminine cut design for the fans.

The debut of those kits took place in the United States on the occasion of the American tour of the then team led by Sergio González.

A year later, in the 2020-21 season, the first kit recovered part of its original essence and improvisation came on the second shirt, now sponsored by Estrella Galicia.

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