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The 8 perfect autumn sports to practice in these months

The weather conditions of this season are ideal to practice these sports in autumn or to start practicing these physical activities.

Summer is the period of the year in which many people become much more sedentary due to vacations and routine. For these cases, the months after this season become the best time to resume physical activity with these sports in autumn.

In fact, September, October and November is usually the starting point to start with new motivations and put an end to those extra kilos and summer excesses. Although this physical activity must always be carried out progressively and adapted to each individual, with a gradual training with the aim of getting in shape and avoiding injuries.

And always trying to maintain motivation, with sufficient and adequate nutrition that allows us to achieve perseverance and an acceptable and viable routine.

For this reason, from Eltiempo.es we offer you a list of autumn sports that you can practice in the coming months since it is the most appropriate time of the year to do them, as the temperatures are much milder than in summer and still with a large number of daylight hours.


Hiking is one of the most popular sports since it can be done by anyone. Walking through nature, the countryside or the moment, through unique places, only requires comfortable shoes adapted to the terrain and appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.

Thus, the difficulty or demand of the route is determined by the fitness level of each person, so progress can be made as we accumulate kilometers of hiking-


The 8 Perfect Autumn Sports to Practice in these months

In line with the previous one, running is another of the sports most practiced in autumn since it is done outdoors and, now that there are no high temperatures, it may be a good time to start taking a step further in your sports routine.

To go for a run you hardly need material. Comfortable sports shoes are enough to start. Thus, depending on your improvement, you can go opting for more accessories such as portable water bottles, backpacks, caps, glasses, higher quality running shoes and specific clothing.


Similarly, the months of September, October and November are also the ideal time to start cycling, whether on the road or in nature. , this sport requires a higher investment than the previous ones and it is necessary to have a bicycle according to the activity and a helmet, as a minimum.

From there, we must start with affordable routes to our fitness and technical capacity to avoid injuries and possible falls. With this, little by little, depending on the experience and the abilities that have been acquired little by little, longer and more complicated runs can be made.

Outdoor sports

Autumn is also the best time to practice outdoor sports such as climbing or hiking in the middle of the mountains. The weather conditions, as long as it does not rain, are the most appropriate in this period of the year.

On the one hand, the mild temperatures allow the rock to be in optimal condition for climbing and not slip, and favor the practice of these outdoor activities for longer.

On the other, by having many more daylight hours than during winter, you can take more advantage of the days in nature.

However, it must be taken into account that these sports require a good state of fitness, specific equipment and greater safety. For this reason, it is best to start with professionals and take an official initiation course.


Yoga is another sport that has been very popular in recent years. The simplicity of the material that is needed together with the physical, postural and even emotional benefits that are derived from the practice of yoga has meant that every day there are more centers specialized in this sporting activity.

Paddle tennis

Paddle tennis is one of the most popular sports in Spain. The proliferation of paddle tennis courts in recent years has led to more and more people practicing this racket sport either indoors or outdoors.

And it is now, in the autumn months, one of the ideal moments to be able to play paddle tennis at any time of the day since the temperatures are neither very high nor very low in most of Spain.

To be able to play it, start by looking for a group of friends, as well as acquaintances of your level or with a similar experience or a little higher than yours. In this way, you will all progress at the same rate and equality and motivation will be maximum.


The end of summer does not have to put an end to one of the star activities of summer, swimming. If during these months, you have managed to adopt a routine, autumn is a good time to continue it and even improve it in some of the indoor pools in your area.

Swimming is one of the most complete sports, not only because of the large number of calories burned, but also because it works all the muscles in the body, helps improve breathing and strengthens areas of the body that many people have very weak like the back in the upper and lumbar area. And it is in these months when the registration periods for swimming courses usually open.

Join a gym

Finally, if outdoor sports do not convince you due to the need to move out of town, join a gym and practice any sporting activity that is offered there. practice, from spinning to bodycombat through boxing and even weights or weightlifting.



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