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The secrets of Rovaniemi, the city of Santa Claus and the northern lights

Every December 25 the children and older ones recover the illusion on one of the most magical days of the year.Christmas is time to share and care.To try to be better people, to share more time with our loved ones, and why not, to continue believing in dreams.There is a place in the Finnish Lapia in which Christmas magic is lived every day, since Dad Noel dwells.

The true dad Noel is from Finland, and has his office in the mysterious Arctic Circle, which is open to everyone.20 minutes has had the opportunity to interview the 'True' Santa Claus thanks to the help of Visit Finland, the official tourism guide of Finlandia."Christmas is a very special time for me.I celebrate it traveling around the world and sharing gifts and goodwill ".In addition, Santa Claus, explains that, "distributing gifts around the world in record time is not a job, it is rather a lifestyle".

Plaza Central de Santa Claus Village en Rovaniemi

From Rovaniemi, his hometown, he comments that there is no better place in the world in which to be with his friends and dear "to create and share happiness".David Campano, director of the Finland Tourism Office in Spain explains 20 minutes that Rovaniemi, in Lapia "is a magical destination where nature is the true protagonist.His beautiful landscapes snowy in winter, contemplate the northern lights, the peace of the environment ... and of course know in person our main ambassador, dad Noel! ".

What can you visit in Rovaniemi?

Snowman World

Rovaniemi, where Santa Claus lives, "leads us to enjoy the spirit of Christmas not only in December, but the whole year".Located eight kilometers north of the city center.The town houses the cabin of Santa Claus, Santa Park, the Santa Claus office, the Santa Claus Central Post Office, the Snowman World Ice World in addition to numerous memories of memories and activities of activities of activities.

Los secretos de Rovaniemi, la ciudad de Papá Noel y de las auroras boreales

Another of the essential visits is to know the Artikum Science Museum or the Ranua National Park at just one hour from Rovaniemi, where to contemplate from polar bears to wolves, brown bears, cacayúes, lins and many more.

Esquí de travesía por los bosques de Rovaniemi

Lapia is a place of contrasts in which they can be witnessed from the dark winter days illuminated by the northern lights, to the long summer days where they enjoy sunlight 24 hours.The main activities you can carry out throughout the year, will always be related to snow and ice.Alpine skiing, back-country skiing, background ski."In summer and autumn you can enjoy water activities such as fishing, boat excursions, canoes and 'paddle surf'...Always surrounded by a unique nature or the more than 188.000 lakes that populate the finés territory, "explains David.

Why did Noel chose Rovaniemi to live?

Papá Noel en su oficina

The story says that about a hundred years ago, for a casual traveler, the news about the existence of the Korvatunturi hill and its inhabitants begins to spread throughout the world."Santa Claus, who wanted to preserve the intimacy of his home, chose this quiet place where his friends and family could visit him when they wanted, and allow everyone to enjoy the real Christmas spirit," says David.For half a century, Noel regularly visits the Arctic Circle, close to the city of Rovaniemi.

Better time to see the northern lights in Rovaniemi

The auroras can be contemplated in Finland from the end of August until the end of March."The further north of the country we are, the better they will see.A very good time is at the beginning of September with the 'Ruska' season, the Finnish Autumn, and from the beginning of January to March, "says Campano.

Tips for visiting Rovaniemi

Get ready for the cold.Lapia has a boreal climate with winters from December to February extremely cold.Your temperatures can reach -30ºC at the end of January.However, summer from June to August has soft temperatures.In the activities that are hired, thermal costumes are included, but from visit Finland they recommend traveling with the right clothes and trying three layers on top.

How to get to Rovaniemi?

The best option is by plane.From Spain, there are daily flights from Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga to Helsinki with excellent connections to Rovaniemi.Since Finnair, the Finnish and largest airline in Finland, they detail that "it depends a lot on the dates of the trip.Currently, you can find flights from Spain to Rovaniemi with Finnair from € 253 round trip (without invoiced luggage) or from € 333 round trip (with 1 piece billed luggage).

Papá Noel tomando café frente a la chimenea

Before the question of Santa Claus, if he will retire someday, he states that, "Christmas traditions have been held for many thousand years.I have promised to continue with the responsibilities of my life whenever children believe in their dreams ".Although 'not so children' could also do so.Merry Christmas.



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