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Edomex adds about 2,000 people who changed or corrected their name
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  • 18/06/2022

Edomex adds about 2,000 people who changed or corrected their name

Tlalnepantla, Méx.- About 2 thousand Mexicans have managed to change or correct their name in birth certificates and even remove the last name of an absent father, who never took over his children, Judge Astrid Lorena Avilez Villena, secretary general, secretary, reportedof agreements of the Superior Court of Justice of the State of Mexico.

Last year the TSJEM issued 1,649 sentences and so far this year 293, which gives a total of 1,942 people who managed to correct errors in their birth certificates, ranging from badly written names, for example “Ma.Guadalupe, was not called María Guadalupe, but "Ma.", ”Said the judge.

The rectifications in birth certificates also include names that caused moral and economic damage to those who had it, either because it was ashamed or because it was homonym to another person, which generates confusion and problems to those who had it, said the general secretaryof agreements.

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Edomex suma cerca de 2 mil personas que cambiaron o corrigieron su nombre

These sentences include that of October 23, 2019, which "generated a watershed" in the Code of Civil Procedure of the State of Mexico, because for the first time two young people managed to change their paternal last name, said Astrid Lorena Avilez.

This type of name rectification processes in birth certificates, "do not proceed when the intention is to change the last name" a person's paternal.However, in this case a conventional study was conducted, based on a principle of human dignity, said the judge.

Especially when the two young people narrated, even with the testimony of their mother, the abandonment and lack of identity with their father, who never took care of their care, nor contributed money to maintain them, also did not live with them.

For these young people, the use of the paternal last name generated them.That it must be a principle of identity and pride, but in their case it was not, so they managed to change it for that of the man who has been their mother's couple since they were small and contributed to their care and maintenance, he saidAstrid Lorena Avilez.

This "is a very fast procedure" and without cost, since the Superior Court of Justice of the State of Mexico does not charge for this type of rectification judgments of birth certificates, which if it has cost is the payment of an expert lawyerIn family law, although the TSJEM has ex officio lawyers, who carry out this work for free reported the general secretary of agreements.

Whoever wants to make a rectification of the birth certificate and even the change of the paternal last name, must file a lawsuit before the family judge, where his minutes have been issued.

They need an expert lawyer in family matters, so that they have a possibility, because on the approach to the judge, it depends whether the judge declares whether or not, the change of surname or name, the judge said.

This process of rectification of birth certificates can also be carried out in the online family court, which shortens deadlineoppose your children take off your last name.



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