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Pepe Navarro speaks for the first time about the paternity of the son of Ivonne Reyes
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  • 10/01/2023

Pepe Navarro speaks for the first time about the paternity of the son of Ivonne Reyes

Joaquina Dueñas

"With certainty, the son of Ivonne Reyes is not mine".This Rotundo was Pepe Navarro in his speech on the television program 'Save Me Deluxe', which he went last night to talk about the controversy about his fatherhood never recognized.Just turned 70, the journalist has decided to take a step forward and offer his version.«Ivonne's has been a lie.I have four children and that is the truth, "he said at the same time that he added that the model" has not told a single truth ".

The precursor of the 'Late Night' in Spain revealed that he has left a DNA test in his will so that when the time comes, his descendants can sue the son of Ivonne Reyes, Alejandro.Regarding the latter, he described him as "the great victim"."That adult already needs to know the truth, to have a peace of mind, it will have a fatal with that backpack on top," he said.

In any case, Pepe Navarro acknowledged that he was wrong when not being paid proof by being judicially required for it.«It was my head.I was wrong, ”he lamented."I decided not to do the dignity paternity test," he said as he explained that he sent the judge a folio with all his motives.

Pepe Navarro habla por primera vez sobre la paternidad del hijo de Ivonne Reyes

The communicator did recognize that he had previously had a relationship with the Venezuelan even though he had always denied him publicly.Ivonne had three abortions of Pepe during his romance, which lasted "two scarce years", in the words of the presenter, although in the Ivonne trial he declared that he had lasted four.Then, "the relationship disappears and disappears forever.Except in the 99 that we see each other again, but we see each other again as I can see myself as a friend, ”he described.A new stage in which her relationship was, she said, "subsidiary" more than anything else and added that "Ivonne and I had no relationships at the moment she became pregnant.I don't know why he decides that I am the father ».

At that time, the model was assigned different romances.Among the names that sounded, that of González de Caldas, former partner of Sofia Mazagatos;the player Pedja Mijatovic;the businessman Javier Buch;Singer Sergio Dalma or television collaborator Alessandro Lecquio.Precisely about these last two was speculated with the possibility that one of them was Alejandro's parent.

Pepe Navarro said he felt guilty when he looks at that stage with perspective even though he can no longer do anything to change it."I have two children with Eva wonderful and I feel guilty" and explained that "I wanted Eva Zaldívar" and that he never fell in love with Ivonne Reyes.«When I finish this woman I look for a second child with my wife and we have it.Then I separated from Eva because life takes me for other paths and it's over, ”he explained.

It was in 2010 when the judge cited Pepe Navarro up to four times to submit to paternity evidence at the Toxicology Institute.Before his refusal, it was determined that he was Alejandro Reyes's father and imposed the corresponding food pension.Pepe has always argued that he was not the father and has received the support of his family.So much so that even after its difficult separation of Eva Zaldívar, she remained by her side on this subject.His daughter Andrea Navarro decided to act in this regard and five years ago hired a private detective to be able to do a DNA test with Alejandro.An exam that showed that they were not brothers.



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