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Paterna's trade denounces a wave of robberies during Christmas

The president of PUC points out that the incidents “are occurring in both more remote and central streets.They do not care the location and the merchants are crowded ».Martínez says that yesterday he called the Consistory asking for a meeting to address the problem.Thus, remember that before summer there were already some incidents and the police told us that there were lack of troops.I can understand this but there has been an important rebound in robberies and this must be stopped and solved, ”he says.

For his part, Arturo Barres, president of the Multipaterna Commercial Association, admits to having heard and certain comments on social networks, but "officially no associate has warned us that he has suffered a robbery".Anyway, he advanced that since Tuesday from the entity "we will make a poll with merchants to know if they have suffered an incident".

The Government: "Only a complaint"

El comercio de Paterna denuncia una oleada de robos durante la Navidad

From the City Council, municipal sources assured that the Local Police has no record of robberies in local businesses in recent days, while the National Police spoken of "nothing alarming and significant," according to the same sources.In fact, they added, "there is only a complaint for theft in an establishment".

Compromís and PP ask for measures

For his part, Compromís yesterday requested the call of the Citizen Security Sector Council to «analyze possible measures to the increase in robberies.In recent days there have been numerous robberies in establishments, a fact that has alerted merchant associations, ”says Councilor Carles Martí.The training warns that "the safety of shops has been threatened, which entails a worrying sense of insecurity for merchants who need an urgent solution to end this wave".

The PP also shows its concern about the "wave of attacks and attempts to rob" and claims "effective measures already.Shops are essential and we can't leave them unprotected.We need to increase security, install cameras and guarantee a police checkpoint with 24/7 activity », demand the popular.



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