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The Paterna Technology Park will expand its offer with a new industrial prescalation project building
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  • 03/09/2022

The Paterna Technology Park will expand its offer with a new industrial prescalation project building


The Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE), under the Department of Sustainable Economics, productive sectors, commerce and labor, has awarded an industrial plot of 2 2.450 square meters located in Valencia Parc Tecnològic to the ITENE Technological Center.

In this plot the Technological Institute plans to build a new building aimed at developing industrial prescaled projects that will complement its current facilities.It will be located the pilot plants, the laboratories and the offices of researchers that are necessary to carry out the projects with the industrial orientation, and will allow the technological solutions of ITENE to the companies to the companies.

The Minister of Sustainable Economics, productive sectors, commerce and labor, Rafa Climent, and the president of ITENE, Pedro Ballester, have presided over the presentation of the new building that will mean the creation of between 35 and 45 jobs in the period 2024-2026, as well as an investment of 2.7 million euros.

The act has had the participation of the general director of the IVACE, Julia Company, and with the managing director of Itene, Javier Zabaleta.As part of the protocol of the presentation act of the new building held this morning, it has been introduced into an urn, which has later been buried, a copy of the newspaper Las Provinces de Hoy, together with newspapers from other media.

Differential value

El Parque Tecnológico dePaterna ampliará su oferta con un nuevo edificio de proyectos de preescalado industrial

The head of Economics has highlighted the importance of this award that will allow Itene to expand its facilities and "continue contributing to the Valencian productive companies and sectors a differential value".

In this sense, he stressed that coordination and collaboration between the IVACE and the technological institutes of the Valencian Community "is contributing to create a model of society based on knowledge, technology, innovation and in the uniqueness of the territories".

Images of the first stone of the building./ LP

Climent recalled that the commitment of the Ministry of Sustainable Economics and Ivace for the technological centers "is unquestionable".De hecho, en las dos últimas legislaturas el Ivace ha incrementado el presupuesto de ayudas para respaldar su actividad investigadora hasta alcanzar los 50 millones de euros en 2021.

The president of ITENE, Pedro Ballester, stressed that thanks to the growth experienced the Technology Center, and to support its research and transfer activities by the IVACE "we have expanded our equipment and developed new technological lines that require newLaboratories and pilot plants ".

It should be remembered that this award has been produced by sale within the last period established in the Plot of 175 PARC PARC Tecnològic Plot, which was owned by the IVACE, and that it contemplated different modalities of acquisition.


After the presentation act, a tour of the current Itene laboratories of material processing and manufacturing of packaging, formulation and application of inks and coatings, recycling and valuation of waste, biotechnology, transport simulation, nanosgury, environmental monitoring, environmental monitoring,and means of protection, and toxicology and biosensors, whose equipment has been expanded thanks to the financial support of the Ivace.

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