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What to do if the pregnancy test is positive
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  • 11/10/2022

What to do if the pregnancy test is positive

The stork said yes.It is marked by the two stripes - or the word "pregnant" - of the home pregnancy test that you just did, respecting step by step the instructions.It is confirmation, there is no doubt.

Beyond some that other symptoms that may appear in the first days of gestation - something of tiredness, discomfort, pain of ovaries and, fundamental, a delay in menstruation - if the test gives positive there is a 99% probability that you arepregnant.

Tears, fears, hugs and maybe up to a first mental calculation of the date on which the baby should be born.But after the first minutes of shock, the questions arrive: And now, where to start? What do the pregnancy test are positive?

What to do if the pregnancy test is positive

Shift with an obstetrician.That is the first thing to do if the domestic test of pregnancy is positive.The doctor will request a blood analysis - with an accuracy of between 99 and 100% - which will not only reconfirm the suspicions but also allow to know if the pregnancy is normal: the levels of Human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone (HCG) - the signalmore accurate that the organism can give of the presence of an embryo- they must be duplicated every 48 hours.In the event that a first analysis detects a low level of this hormone, the test will be repeated two days to measure its evolution.

In the week six of pregnancy, when it is already possible to detect the gestational sack - and in many cases until listening to the baby's heartbeat - the specialist will order a transvaginal ultrasound to calculate, according to the size of the embryo, its gestational age and estimateThe probable delivery date (they are also based on data such as the last menstruation).

Already with that essential information, the obstetrician will complete the important data in your medical history: family history of the couple, some chronic disease, if there were previous abortions, life habits (food, whether or not, sports activities).And will control your weight and blood pressure, routines that will be repeated in the following consultations throughout pregnancy.

What to do if the pregnancy test is positive

If necessary, you will prescribe some vitamin supplement, among them, very important, folic acid - many times already incorporated in the months before pregnancy - that decreases the risk of some congenital anomalies.

The first controls can also include other blood and urine analysis to determine your blood group, hemoglobin levels, antibodies to deal with possible infections such as rubella, toxoplasmosis or sexually transmitted diseases.As well as to check sugar and protein levels to rule out the presence of some disease.

That is, if the pregnancy test is positive, the first step is to put in the hands of a professional who will be who has no less than your pregnancy.Therefore, it is key to find an obstetrician who can naturally raise your concerns, to be willing to listen to you, understand your fears and be clear in your explanations.In short, it makes you feel comfortable, safe and contained in this important stage of your life.

How is the positive pregnancy test

The first reliable test of a pregnancy is obtained when performing the homemade test, a kit that is sold in all pharmacies, without a medical recipe.There are several brands and systems that indicate a positive result -or a negative -, from the classics with lines to a digital version with a LCD screw where the word "pregnant" or "not pregnant" appears within a few minutes.

More or less sophisticated in their presentation, but easy and fast to use, the truth is that everyone is made with a small sample of urine - the ideal is that it is the first in the morning, or with three hours of retention - and are basedIn measuring HCG levels, the specific hormone of pregnancy and the same parameter that is measured in the blood tests prescribed by doctors.

How are they used?The most common tests include a reactive strip that must be placed under the urine jet for 5 to 10 seconds.Some contain a small container to collect urine and insert the reactive strip into it.

After a few minutes -3 to 5- the reactive strip shows the result.According to the brand and the model, it can be a (negative) or two lines (positive) or a sign + or -.

The most modern, of digital system, have a sensor that "translates" into words the presence or not of HCG and the result can be visualized in the screw: "pregnant" or "not pregnant", in addition to indicating an approximation of the weeksFrom conception.

An important fact: even when the lines or letters are somewhat blurred, if the test is positive, there is 99% that you are pregnant

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