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Showroom the thermal clothing set that is a success at Amazon: T -shirt and pants in five colors


This set, ideal to carry under the coldest days, has an average grade of 4.5 out of 5 and more than 6.000 valuations

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Although it seems that it is costing him to arrive, the cold has already made an appearance of this fall and the temperatures once the sun is hidden are more than disappeared.Doing sports in these conditions, especially in areas where mercury does not finish taking off, becomes a hard task, but in Showroom we have found the solution so that you do not freeze while you run, give pedals or, in general, you train.Because this thermal clothing set, the best selling on Amazon, will become your best ally during the most disappeared days.

Formed by a shirt and long compression pants, the set is available in five colors, four sizes and two types of thickness.Both garments, warm, flexible and very soft, are made of high quality fabrics and are ideal to use as underwear for cold, also in your day to day, under more common clothing.In addition, the product is a success in this online store where it has an average grade of 4.5 out of 5 and adds more than 6.000 user assessments.


Thermal clothing for sports and for day to day

This thermal clothing set of the Lapasa brand is made up of a long -sleeved shirt and meshes.Available in two versions, one of light thickness and another of medium thick.The M11 model (the light complex) incorporates 90% polyester and 10% of elastane;The M57 (the median) adds 87% of polyester and 13% of elastane.The best, its versatility, since both the shirt and the pants can be used to do sports, although also to wear under your daily looks.“It allows you to go dressed without heavy garments that make you feel uncomfortable.I bought it to go to the cold, but I have realized that I can usually use it, with a simple cowboy shirt, ”explains Juan Carlos, Amazon user.

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To be comfortable when you train it is important to stay dry and fresh, regardless of the intensity of the exercise.And the thermal shirt and pants will offer the user maximum comfort thanks to their moisture dispersion system.Thus, the tissue transports the sweat from the body to the outside while retaining the heat that cotton and other materials do not get."Shelter, but not suffocation.Nor bulge, so it does not bother under other clothes, which has happened to me with other thermal garments.Maintain an adequate temperature and that does not have to put 20 garments to go out if you are a cold ”, details another customer of this online store."It fits the body perfectly and keeps it hot and dry," says Luis, a buyer on the same virtual platform.

With ultra soft seams and in five colors

To the high quality fabric of this thermal underwear game for the cold we must add ultra -soft seams that guarantee the absence of friction and irritation during and after the exercise.This also causes the shirt and pants to be used, even as sleeping pajamas.“It's soft, adaptable, comfortable and warm for winter.I bought it for a night out and now I use it from pajamas.Polyvalent.It is worth it, ”says a user who has given the product a five -star assessment.“Very comfortable and pleasant, it gives heat.I also put it to be at home, as if it were a pajamas, ”says Emilio, which has already tried the thermal set.

Available in five colors –Negro, white, gray, navy and green -, the thermal clothing set can be acquired by up to four sizes –s, m, l and xl–.As for the care, the set can be machine washed and does not shrink or get rid of, the majority of Amazon customers comment.


*All prices included in this article are updated to 10-11-2021



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